Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Most Amazing Little Boy






These photos are from around his 2nd birthday to about a year ago.

We are so blessed to have such a wonderful boy and I can’t believe how fast he is growing.  Dave and I look at each other several times a day in amazement over the blessing this child is. 

Henry is very funny.  He’s always practicing new phrases to make people laugh.

Henry is VERY particular.  He’s particular in the way things are done from how he is served food – must have a ramekin for his honey – to how you hold him when cuddling.  Each night he tells us several times to tuck the pillow in on the outside of his bed (so he doesn’t fall off) and to keep the door open.  He will position us how he wants us to be when reading the book.

Henry loves to be held.  He’s always saying hold me.  He’s always asking us to sit with him on the couch and cuddle. 

Texture is very important to him when eating.  He doesn’t like mushy things.

He loves junk food – soda, candy and chips.  Shocker.

He loves certain veggies – peas, green beans and broccoli.

He is always pretending.  Today he made Maggie a reindeer and put an antler headband on her for her to wear around the house.

He loves Maggie.  He loves Maggie.  He loves Maggie.  Often times I will find him snuggled up to Maggie on the bed stroking her ears or fur.

He remembers people and loves people.  He asks where Kiana is at least once a week.  If one person from a family visits, he will ask about everyone else in the family and their pets.  My mom brought an elderly man David when she visited and Henry asks about him often.

Henry is very sensitive.  I don’t like to see him get his feelings really hurt.  It breaks my heart.

The first thing my doctor asked when I saw her today (yesterday now) was “Where’s Henry?”

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