Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I am Still a Just a Mom

My blog is looking more like one of a ranting conservative but I am still just a mom. 

Being a mom is the biggest blessing in the world but it also has its challenges.  I can see how the cares of this world can paralyze one from participating in the littlest things in life.  Cares can become all consuming.  It is something that humbles me all of the time.  It is something that drives me to God on a daily basis.  It  want to enjoy the little things in life and not be held prisoner by my worries.

It is an absolute joy to watch Hudson advancing mentally, emotionally and physically.  He is moving around a lot.   He loves to be held, though, and I love holding him.  It doesn’t happen quite as much as it did with Henry which was all the time because having two makes that impossible.  I am a big advocate of attachment parenting and believe they are only little once so I want to hold them tight while I can.

I am a schedule person and I’m not a schedule person.  I think I do well with a schedule and then it becomes too restrictive so I rebel until there is so much chaos that I can’t take it and go back to a schedule.  Do you follow?  I am learning that Hudson seems to be more of a routine person than Henry.  Henry loves action, action, action.   Would love to go from one social event to the next.  Like his mom.  Until he crashes.  Like his mom.  Hudson is a pretty good short-term traveller.  He did great when we went to DC and when we do little day trips.  But I find when it comes to sleeping he likes things the same.  He likes the fan on (hello, Zac!) with other distractions off and he likes to be in our bed with me beside him.  Okay, so he’s COMPLETELY spoiled.  But I see the little patterns in his personality.  It’s very cute. 

Last night we attempted to sleep in the basement during the storm.  I slept with the two boys in the queen size bed in the bedroom down there and Dave slept in the basement common area where we have a TV and Henry’s toys.  Hudson moved continuously around the bed so I didn’t get much sleep because I was afraid he was going to fall off or get squished by Henry who also is a mover.  We, Hudson and I , didn’t get much sleep.

Tonight he was a little fussy and I knew he was tired.  I finally figured out he wanted to cuddle.  I totally melted my heart.  He is such a little lover.

So I spend my day navigating this new thing called being a mother of two.  And when the day is over I wonder where all the time went and what I got accomplished!!

Management of the Poor–Benjamin Franklin

Derrick Coleman– A Letter to Obama


Dear Mr. President, a title which I pray you soon will not have. You call yourself an American. I’m not talking about where you were born, or what race you are. I’m talking about the American ideals we live by. You say you believe and will uphold these ideals, but you don’t. Like I said, I’m not talking about where you were born or what race you are…. You sir, are not an American.

I will tell you what it means to be an American. I’m not speaking for every American, I’m speaking for the ideals our Founding Fathers instilled in us. Freedom, justice, liberty. Are you aware of what each of these mean? Do you know what it means to be a Patriot? As a President, you’re our leader. As a leader of a Nation, the people of that Nation need to be your number ONE priority. Americans. You’re number one priority is to keep us safe. So, when radicals are attacking an embassy and FOUR Americans are requesting help, you send help. You don’t go to sleep, you don’t fly to Vegas, you don’t tell anyone to stand down, you don’t blame it on a video and you sure as hell should have some compassion, when they die…Because of you.

You are a sorry excuse for a leader, you are no American Patriot. You don’t send aid and our tax dollars to support a Muslim Brotherhood that are enemies of everything we stand for. You don’t tell Russia who supports Iran, Syria and the Brotherhood that you’ll have more flexibility after the election. You support the Occupy movement and you said so yourself. The Occupy movement, the enemies of the Constitution? You don’t support the racism of whites by walking with Black Panthers and listening to a “Reverend” that hates America. You don’t say that the Constitution is flawed, racist and imperialistic. You don’t expand the power of the executive branch and you sure as hell don’t take more and more freedoms and liberty away from the American people.

Patriotism? Please…. The only goal you have is to destroy America economically. Record debt, deficit, and the number of people on welfare is up 17 million? If spending 4 trillion in 8 years is unpatriotic, spending 6 trillion in 4 is anti-American. Socialism is not welcome. To call yourself “not socialist” is extremely ridiculous and untrue. I would also like to know why you sued Arizona and chose lawlessness and open boarders over the citizens of Arizona.

Why do you continue to lie to us? We have more pieces to this Benghazi puzzle then you have lies. Tell the truth and face the music like a man. A man who cares about the better of the nation. You said you would find and prosecute the people responsible for this attack. You received an email that night explaining who did this, they admitted it! You will not seek justice for any of them. An ambassador, 2 Navy Seals, and an Air Force Sec ops are dead. This should fill you with rage and compassion. Compassion for those who have died and those families who have lost someone and rage for those who have committed this atrocity. You know why you have neither of these? Because you could have prevented this and you did nothing. This is YOUR fault.

You’re bringing my Country down and this cannot continue. I pray you will be voted out and Americans will wake up. Our economy, our defense, our military and everything is weaker. If I hated America I would love to have you as President. But you know I don’t, I love this Country and so do millions of other Americans who will stand with me. You have until January to take away the rest of our freedoms and liberties away, and to ruin this country as much as possible. And then a Real American will move into the White House. Why is Mitt Romney a REAL American? He believes in limited Govt., Free Market, Freedom, Liberty, A strong Military, Low Taxes. I think by know you realize I’m talking about all the things you’re against. Being American doesn’t mean you were born here, it doesn’t matter what the color of your skin is, it doesn’t matter what gender or by what name you call God. It’s about being Free. And Americans will make sure it stays that way.


Who Are We?

I found this on a blog through another blog I follow and really loved it!

"Everyone longs to give themselves completely to someone. To be loved thoroughly and exclusively. 'But God,' says the Christian. No, not until you are satisfied, fulfilled, and content with giving yourself totally and unreservedly to me, to having an intently personal and unique relationship with me alone.

Discovering that only in me is your satisfaction to be found. Will you be capable of the perfect human relationship that I have planned for you. You will never be united with another until you are united with me. Exclusive of everyone, or anything else; exclusive of any other desire or longing. I want you to stop planning; stop wishing and allow me to give you the most thrilling plan existing, one that you cannot imagine, I want you to have the best.

Please allow me to bring it to you. You just keep watching me, expecting the greatest things. Keep listening and learning the things that I tell you. You just wait, that's all. Don't be anxious, don't worry, don't look around at others and the things that they have gotten or that I have given to them, don't look at the things you think you want. You just keep looking off and away up to me or you'll miss what I want to show you and...

When you're ready I'll surprise you with a love far more wonderful than you could ever imagine. You see, until you are ready and until the one I have is ready...I am working even this moment to have you both ready at the same time.

Until the both of you are satisfied exclusively with me and the life I've prepared for you, you won't be able to experience the love that exemplifies your relationship with me and enjoy maturely and concretely the everlasting union of beauty, perfection, and love that I have to offer.

Believe it... and Be Satisfied..."

-Author Unknown

Monday, October 29, 2012

Weather Outside is Frightful

As Sandy approaches this mid-Atlantic area.  Dave is home from work today – out getting gas and some groceries before the storm gets worse.  We will continue to pray for the safety of the folks affected by this monster storm and for our nation as we approach probably the most important election day in the history of our nation.

Stay warm and dry and, please, God, keep our power and roof on!  Thank You for all these modern conveniences we are blessed with!

Saturday, October 27, 2012



War & Peace

This Christian life is such a paradox.  We are called to war but we are called to peace.  Being in Jesus brings us peace but also puts us at war.  He is our peace.  He is our protection.

The biggest battlefront is that of the mind.  If we are not constantly building ourselves up in the most holy faith, in the Word of God, and taking every thought captive, we quickly find ourselves prisoners of our own thoughts.  And we lose our peace.  When we have the most peace is when we are fighting a good fight – having the mind of Christ, casting down anything that exalts itself above the knowledge of God and remembering we fight not against flesh and blood.

Praise God when we are held captive, Our God has provided a way of escape and that He is the God of all grace.  We fall down – we get up. 


2 Corinthians 10:4
For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds,

2Cor 10:5  casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ,

Ephesians 6:12
For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

Romans 7:23
But I see another law in my members, warring against the law of my mind, and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members.

Joshua 10:25
Then Joshua said to them, “Do not be afraid, nor be dismayed; be strong and of good courage, for thus the LORD will do to all your enemies against whom you fight.”

1 Timothy 6:12
Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, to which you were also called and have confessed the goodconfession in the presence of many witnesses.

2 Timothy 4:7
I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

Matthew 5:9
Blessed are the peacemakers, For they shall be called sons of God.

John 14:27
Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

John 16:33
These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

Romans 5:1
[ Faith Triumphs in Trouble ] Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ,

Romans 8:6
For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.

Romans 12:18
If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men.

Romans 16:20
And the God of peace will crush Satan under your feet shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen.

1 Corinthians 14:33
For God is not the author of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints.

Ephesians 2:14
[ Christ Our Peace ] For He Himself is our peace, who has made both one, and has broken down the middle wall of separation,

One of my favorites:

Philippians 4:7
and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.














We managed to take this photo ourselves which is a TOTAL miracle from God above!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy 10th Anniversary to Us!

Wow, we really need some updated photos of us and our family together.  It has definitely been an adventure with God since we said “I do” 10 years ago today.  I wouldn’t trade a second of it and am very thankful for what God has done in our marriage and our little family.  Happy anniversary to my husband who is a great friend, a great father and a great follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Looking forward to the next 10!  I love you, David!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Don’t Vote Based on Skin Color

If Herman Cain or Condeleeza Rice ran against Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden, I wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton OR Joe Biden because they are white and I am white (I would definitely vote for Mr. Cain or Ms. Rice!).  I don’t vote based on the color of skin.  I vote based on what’s in the skin.  And that’s why I am NOT voting for Barack Obama.  His failed policies and the deeper financial crisis he has put our great country in seals his need to vacate the White House. 

I think it’s ironic that many who accuse racism because I would not vote for President Obama are showing racial prejudice for voting for him simply based on the fact he is half black.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Doctor, Dogs & Dinner

We went to the doctor this morning for Hudson.  He is still having diarrhea.  I am pretty sure it is from teething but wanted to be safe since I called the doctor a week ago and he still has it.  The doctor agreed with me but did a culture anyway.  We should get results back in a week.  He said even if it’s not from teething we might not even need to treat it.

Then the three of us went to one of our favorite parks.  Henry had a blast playing with some kids and I had a great time chatting with the moms.

When we got home, I was desperately trying to get things done while Hudson was sleeping.  Henry was insistent that I walk his dog (small stuffed animal hooked to a homemade leash) and kept pulling out his back pack to give the dog treats.  I kept pretending the dog needed to sit and wait for me while I did something else, but Henry wasn’t going for it.  He demanded me to walk the dog.  He even hawk-eye watched me while I walked the dog to the mailbox.  The neighbor walking by said she liked how I walked me dog and I told her my three year old was making sure I did.

Here is Henry with the dog.

Henry and Hudson visiting with Dee yesterday.

Tonight we went to my friend Bethany’s house at the spur of the moment. 

Beth cooked us a delicious dinner along with Dee and one of Lulu’s friends.  We were all painting beforehand and Dee held Henry as he painted after dinner.

Henry REALLY enjoyed painted.   He painted a horse, horsey, sheep, and a pig.

Lulu is such a great helper. 

Jon Jon is the artist of the family.  Lulu played us some music on the guitar.  Mika was at driver’s ed and Jon tortured Henry.  Actually Henry loves Jon and Jon is so good with him.

Jon put these goggles on Henry and Henry told us his eyeballs were broken.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Billy Graham’s Ad for this Election

Billy Graham
The legacy we leave behind for our children, grandchildren, and this great nation is crucial. As I approach my 94th birthday, I realize this election could be my last. I believe it is vitally important that we cast our ballots for candidates who base their decisions on biblical principles and support the nation of Israel. I urge you to vote for those who protect the sanctity of life and support the biblical definition of marriage between a man and a woman. Vote for biblical values this November 6, and pray with me that America will remain one nation under God.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

This One Is For Lisa

Another Crowd Pleaser on My Hands

I am taking more photos with my phone recently because it’s easier to do quickly and then upload onto Facebook.

I had such a good time at the women’s seminar today at our church.  The main speaker Nancy Phelps is ALWAYs inspiring, spirit-filled and speaking God’s heart for the moment.  I even managed to get something out of it while taking care of my baby in the mother’s room.  God is faithful.  I love how she clearly communicated that God isn’t playing tricks on us or trying to manipulate us, everything He does is motivated by His deep love for us.  He is clear.  If it weren’t so, He would have told us.  I LOVED IT!  So good.

Hudson had fun.  I am a little distracted by my little man while trying to listen.  Who wouldn’t be? 

We chatted with my missionary friend and fellow Mainer Debbie Colby after the morning session and then headed down to get something to eat at the luncheon.  Hudson was all smiles and laughs for the ladies.  He literally ate it up!  I was so proud of him.

He’s sleeping beside me now. 

Henry stayed home with Memaw while Daddy was at work this morning.  He showed me how his “tractor” aka Buzz Light Year Mobile was hooked up to the wagon in the basement when I got home.  I am sure he had a blast with his grandmother because she does whatever he wants.  She is great.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Loved Mitt's Speech at Al Smith Dinner

Noble Hill–My Aunt’s Book Just Published

My Aunt Lynne just had her first book published by Tate Publishing.  I am so proud of her and I can’t wait to read it.  I was named after her – Rachael Lynne. 

Click on this link to purchase.

Noble Hill

Noble Hill
by Lynne Fernands

The summer of twenty-six had pushed the thermometer past 90 degrees for the first ten days of July, wearing down those who abode inland, suffering because they lived a few miles away from the cooling breezes of the North Atlantic… There wouldn't be much time for fun this summer. Working all day in the hot sun was taking its toll.

Jethro and Mary Preston and their family of six live on an idyllic farm called Noble Hill. A spirited group, they move through their lives with selfishly devised methods and total disregard of others.

Jethro is raising his children to be winners and won’t accept anything less but he adapts his plan accordingly because he has a different vision for each of his children. His formidable personality pushes his youngest son, Charles, to fulfill his own dream but the youngest, Sadie, proves to be a handful, even for the awe inspiring Jethro. However, his choice for the middle child, Nathan, will put his son into a situation that seems impossible to win and constantly subjects the boy to unfair treatment.

Nate meets the abuse with unwavering dedication, barely flinching when his older siblings, John and Camille cruelly taunt and trick him. His parents appear to overlook his worth, relentlessly testing his determined nature, and as Nate’s life becomes more difficult, he tries to find solace in his relationship with his younger sister, Emma, who has been selected to accompany her brother in the daily labor on the farm. The devoted boy eventually realizes that if he is to survive, he must dig into the deep recesses of his soul to find the fortitude to prevail.

Follow Nathan and his siblings through the trials and tribulations of life on Noble Hill.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Poo at the Zoo

Warning: This post is not dinner table material







So anyway.  We went to the zoo today with a new friend Marsi who is from Albania but has lived all over the world and married to an associate pastor at our church here in Baltimore.  They have a daughter Mardeanne who also went with us.  We had so much fun chatting on the way to the zoo.  Marsi has a very interesting family.  We also had fun showing the kids the animals.  It was a little bit more stressful on me because my jogging stroller got left in Dave’s truck and I pushed Henry around in an umbrella stroller.  Not fun for three reasons: they don’t maneuver well, they are lower so have to bend more when you push (that is difficult when carrying a baby), and  Henry can easily escape and attack hug perfect strangers.  There were several victims of his attack hugs today.  It was very fun besides the stroller issue.

We arrive back at the car and Marsi is quietly changing her daughter’s diaper while we are a whirlwind getting from the stroller into the car.  Henry starts screaming he has to pee.  I quickly take him to the front of the car.   Mind you, I have a baby strapped to me.  He starts peeing on his pants before I can get them down.  Totally fine.  Probably should have had him go to the bathroom before.  He’s completely bent over like he’s sitting on a toilet and leaning forward with his bare bottom in the air and starts screaming he has to poop.  I beg him not to.  He starts making noises to go along with it and proceeds to poop for a few minutes that seem like eternity.  And tries desperately to get the zoo workers attention by screaming hi to him.  Yeah, all of this in the zoo parking lot.  I finally get him to stop pooping (Marsi took it all in a stride) and I am getting Hudson ready to nurse before we drive home when I realize his entire back is saturated in poop.  I had packed a back pack and of course didn’t have another onesie.    It worked out because he had layers on.  It was an all-at-once-poop-at-the-zoo-in-front-of-our-new-friends type of event.  Very funny!!


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Busy Day

My kids are the best.  I have dragged them around for the last couple of weeks.  Dragged.  Not been the best mother.  But it’s all part of the bigger plan.


Today I promoted Henry to my business partner.  We have been going head to head on some behavior issues.  He really has been very flexible and I expect a lot out of him but in other areas I don’t expect enough.  Trying to find the balance that I think all parents search for.  So today I promoted him to my business partner and we are going to work together.  I need his help.  And he loves to help.  Here he is making us food.  The hats are the dishes and the trucks are the syrup.  The shovel is quite obviously the utensils 'Winking smile.  He makes some delicious food which makes for an amazing little man to work with.


My other little man has been teething hardcore.  He’s also had diarrhea for a week.  It probably is related.  I called the doctor today and he advised to give him pedialyte (sp?).  The poor little thing has never even had a bottle let alone something other than breast milk.  It didn’t really work.  So I have been and will continue to pray the tooth comes fast and the diarrhea goes fast.  I am a total wimp when it comes to my kids.


Taking a bath is my strategy for relaxing interaction at the end of a busy day.  He was pretty happy with it.  Please pray with me that my baby would get over his diarrhea.


Have been working with some really great people – partnering with Melaleuca.  Our enroller Rebecca Connor is an amazing lady who has built an outstanding business and generates over fifty thousand a month.  We feel very blessed to be part of her life and to have her coaching us.  It’s a tremendous blessing to be working with my best friend Bethany and other great friends.  It truly is like God dropped this out of nowhere and knew exactly what we needed.  Very thankful.

Pinterest Post

this dog is cute.  makes me miss...

My favs on Pinterest recently… via.

love that sign


Avocado Hummus

Avocado Hummus via.

outfit via.

l o v e

l o v e via

 Chicken Feeder Pendant    $92.00@http://antiquefarmhouse.com/current-sale-events/vintage-industrial4.html

love antique farmhouse’s funky light fixtures via.


Last night was a sleepless night.  Not because of my littlest nugget… just one of those nights.  Now he’s awake.  I am so thankful to spend the days with my nuggets.  It breaks my heart to think of having to drop him off at daycare.  My heart goes out to those moms with no choice.

Henry is still sleeping.  Our most recent library books have been song books.  I try to sing the ones I know.  One of them is “My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean” or however it’s officially named.  I sing each song with whatever accent I want – I can’t pull off as many as Rye.  I tried to put in Henry instead of Bonny and Henry corrected me and told me to use bunny or rabbit.  I thought that was pretty cute.  He really loves “Jimmy Crack Corn and I don’t Care”.  I think the real title is something about a blue fly???  I never knew. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Zoo, Hudson & Haley



The four of us had fun at the zoo today.






Hudson is a little young for his door jumper but he likes it for a few minutes at a time.

Haley left yesterday afternoon.  The dog rescuer came to get her.  I was sad.  Still a little sad.  Other than that it’s been a smooth transition.  No more gates to keep the dog out or protecting our food.  Or cleaning up you know what.