Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Doctor, Dogs & Dinner

We went to the doctor this morning for Hudson.  He is still having diarrhea.  I am pretty sure it is from teething but wanted to be safe since I called the doctor a week ago and he still has it.  The doctor agreed with me but did a culture anyway.  We should get results back in a week.  He said even if it’s not from teething we might not even need to treat it.

Then the three of us went to one of our favorite parks.  Henry had a blast playing with some kids and I had a great time chatting with the moms.

When we got home, I was desperately trying to get things done while Hudson was sleeping.  Henry was insistent that I walk his dog (small stuffed animal hooked to a homemade leash) and kept pulling out his back pack to give the dog treats.  I kept pretending the dog needed to sit and wait for me while I did something else, but Henry wasn’t going for it.  He demanded me to walk the dog.  He even hawk-eye watched me while I walked the dog to the mailbox.  The neighbor walking by said she liked how I walked me dog and I told her my three year old was making sure I did.

Here is Henry with the dog.

Henry and Hudson visiting with Dee yesterday.

Tonight we went to my friend Bethany’s house at the spur of the moment. 

Beth cooked us a delicious dinner along with Dee and one of Lulu’s friends.  We were all painting beforehand and Dee held Henry as he painted after dinner.

Henry REALLY enjoyed painted.   He painted a horse, horsey, sheep, and a pig.

Lulu is such a great helper. 

Jon Jon is the artist of the family.  Lulu played us some music on the guitar.  Mika was at driver’s ed and Jon tortured Henry.  Actually Henry loves Jon and Jon is so good with him.

Jon put these goggles on Henry and Henry told us his eyeballs were broken.

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