Saturday, October 6, 2012

Weekend Madness


I have been working on going through my friend Holly’s wedding photos I took last weekend.  They get back from their cruise tomorrow, so I was hoping to have some to show her.  Now with the internet, phones, and Facebook there are never any lack of wedding photos.  She will have a ton! 

I love the photo above of Holly getting ready (makeup application) for her big day.  She looks so beautiful. 


Raising boys.

We have mastered potty training for the eldest boy.  Now, it’s keeping all the pee in the potty if you know what I mean.  There has been a lot of bathroom cleaning in this house today.  And a lot of frustration between the biggest little guy and me.  Tomorrow’s a new day.  Hoping to get over this hurdle soon, but, with boys in the house, I have a feeling there’s a long road ahead.


Baby Dedication.

We’re hoping to dedicate both boys at church next Sunday. 


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