Monday, January 31, 2011

From the Outside


We love the neighborhood!  It was so nice to have a friend drop by who lives two minutes away!  I will take more photos of the outside.  It’s really quite cute if this photo doesn’t portray that.

We took a drive to check out the nearest W@lmart etc.  We are so close to everything but live in a REALLY quiet and did I mention beautiful neighborhood.  So thankful!



Henry eating snacks watching cartoons this afternoon while we are still unpacking.



Still working on everything…




Dining room


Henry’s room.


Living room



We Made It!

Thank God!  Thank you to everyone for your help!

Thank you Rye and Tim for having the beds set up, being our greeting crew and helping us move in!

Thank you Mrs. Schaller for being our fairy God mother and dropping loads of food and essentials and Y passes and trash schedules.  AND taking such great care of our son at nursery last night that he didn’t want to leave you! 

Thank you Molly for driving our car down here this coming week!  We are so grateful you are taking time out of your busy schedule!  We love you!

Thank you Stacey and Johnny for dropping off food!

Thank you Pastor Jason, Pastor Brian, Pastor Roger, Pastor Sheff, Tim, Rye and Kim for helping us move!

Thank you Mrs. Schaller for suggesting the rental of this really cute house in this really wonderful neighborhood.  We love it and we love you!

Thank you to Dave’s dad and Linda for helping with the truck return.

Sorry if we forgot someone! 

We will post some more later.  We just got hooked up to the internet.  We have loads more to unpack! 

PS – Henry and Maggie are doing well!!

Oh Yeah – Our closing on our house in Rockport went really well!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Not Quite

We are calling it a night but are not quite done.  It’s been a long day.  signing papers at 8 am.

1and Still Under the Weather

I think my cousin Rye was right with her guess for food poisoning.  I have had very painful stomach cramps for over 24 hours now.  My body is a little less weak and the nausea and “other stuff” is reducing.  Really struggled even  letting the dog out and changing Henry’s diaper yesterday.  He was such a good boy sitting in bed with his mother all day and evening.  I couldn’t ask for a better almost 2 year old.   Dave worked his tail off when he got home from work.  He was way more gracious than I would have been faced with mountains of work and me not being able to move.

Needless to say, there is tons more to do.  I am going to attempt tackle some major things and pray I make it through.  Yesterday the alternative seemed more appealing and I literally felt like I was going to die.

In my attitude I am so thankful Henry isn’t sick and would prefer food poisoning over a virus he could get as painful as it is.  In my mind I am very excited to be on an adventure with my little family and God.  Very thankful for my husband and little boy.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2 and Sick

Wow!  So close! 

Please pray – was up most of the night with stomach sickness.  Not sure if it’s the flu, something I ate or just too much on my plate.

It’s not fun to move in this very arctic weather with snow everyday and sub 0 temps, but it sure does make the landing place more attractive by the moment!  We are getting excited!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Long Day

We are just stopping now.  Long day but so grateful for Pastor Sheff and his wife for being our helpers this evening.  Dave has to work everyday until we move.  Pastor Sheff came over after he and his wife got out of work to help load the truck.  We got a lot done but still have a ways to go.

I had to resist the urge to scan old photos all day.  No time for that.  I just took some photos of them.


old photos 012

Halloween party at our house October of 05

 old photos 001

My father’s 50th birthday party that Jana threw.  Dad, Eva, Teresa

old photos 002

My father’s 50th.  Annie, Eva, Tia, me, Jana, Hana

old photos 003 

Halloween ‘05.  That’s Hana in the blue.

old photos 005

Vinny and I at Outb@ck Steakhouse in Perry Hall, Maryland.

old photos 006

Vinny on outreach with us in Baltimore

old photos 007

Peter in sunglasses, Gerald sitting down.

old photos 008

Josh and Vinny

old photos 009

Hana and Sam at Beauchamp Point Rockport

old photos 010

Tia, Rachael, Jana, Hana

old photos 011

George and Tia

4. Wait, I Meant 3

Monday, January 24, 2011




Counting two days in one because it looks like we might be moving on Friday morning and not Saturday.  Working out the closing details.  Pray for us.  We got the truck this afternoon.  Had a wonderful ride with one of my favorite people B.j. Peres.  She has been a faithful friend these last few years.  We will miss her.  Dave had trouble getting the truck in the driveway.  Once he did it he already started loading.  Now it’s crunch time.

Henry was literally up all night laughing out loud.   Earlier last night we were sitting on the bed and I was listening to Sunday night church service on the computer.  I glanced back to see him holding a box and eating something.  It didn’t register.  I thought he had a snack.  Well.  My mom had given us some really delicious, highly concentrated chocolate truffles.  You guessed it.  Henry was chowing down and loving every second of it.  I quickly cut him off but the damage had been done.  I think the effects of that and having the chocolate cake at Molly’s kept him up all night.  A true comb-er-ation as Stacey would say.  This combination is also the cause of him being in bed already tonight.

My Dear Friend

This month marks a year since I became friends with Jessica.  She is truly a gift from God and I woke up thanking God for her life and friendship.  There are many ironies and coincidences in our friendship which really aren’t those at all.  Just the mighty hand of God knitting two hearts together who have the same heart after Him.  Words cannot express what God has done in both of our lives over the 12 months we have known each other.  He seems to speak the same things to each of us at the same times and I think we live around 1,000 miles apart right now.  One reason I am sad to leave Maine is my dear friend is moving back.  God has a plan!  Maybe you can pray she, her husband and three beautiful daughters move to Maryland?  Ha- ha.

Do you know that Jessica’s family literally lived in the next house when I was a teenager and I never met her?  She was in college but her two younger sisters were friends with Vinny.  Jessica was friends with Vinny and he gave her a coffee maker when she went off to college and she still has it!!  Life is strange.   When she first walked into my house about a year ago, she told me I looked like Vinny and told me how much she loved him.  Then I started bawling.  Great way to meet someone?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Going Away Lunch

The Aunt cooked us a delish lunch and hosted a gathering for a goodbye time for us today.  It was very nice and kind of sad.  Was glad we all didn’t get reduced to a bawlfest.  Zac & family, the grandparents, mom, Dan and you-know-who and Molly’s family were all present.  Henry had a blast running around destroying Sam’s toys and Molly’s house and giving hugs to his cousin Teagan.  Thank you everyone!   Thank you, Molly! 



Saturday, January 22, 2011

Seven maybe Six

well… I think it might actually be six.

Cousin Time

But first…. some more progress on my mom’s kitchen.













Cousins jan 22 007 Cousins jan 22 008 Cousins jan 22 010 Cousins jan 22 011 Cousins jan 22 013 Cousins jan 22 014 Cousins jan 22 015 Cousins jan 22 018 Cousins jan 22 019 Cousins jan 22 020 Cousins jan 22 021 Cousins jan 22 022 Cousins jan 22 023 Cousins jan 22 024 Cousins jan 22 025 Cousins jan 22 026  Cousins jan 22 028 Cousins jan 22 029 Cousins jan 22 030 Cousins jan 22 031 Cousins jan 22 032 Cousins jan 22 033 Cousins jan 22 034 Cousins jan 22 035  Cousins jan 22 037 Cousins jan 22 038 Cousins jan 22 039 Cousins jan 22 041 Cousins jan 22 042 Cousins jan 22 043 Cousins jan 22 044 Cousins jan 22 045 Cousins jan 22 046  Cousins jan 22 048 Cousins jan 22 049 Cousins jan 22 050  Cousins jan 22 052  Cousins jan 22 054