Sunday, July 31, 2011

Trip Part 9–My Mom’s House

Henry’s and Momma’s reason for going away was to go be with my mom while she was immobile from a severe ankle break, so that we might bring joy and a helping hand to her.  Since we have been back home, she is now able to walk putting slight pressure on her injured leg.  We are so thankful to God for the progress she has made and grateful to all of you who have been praying for her.


This is one of the houses I grew up in (we lived in Appleton until I was 10.5), though you would never recognize it from the inside if you had been a visitor even 1 year ago.  My mother has done a remarkable job updating it.


And do you love the wall of tile?  LOVE!!  There’s actually two walls of tiles!a

Here’s Henry drawing on the blackboard wall in the new kitchen.  He loved, kissed, hugged staying with Grammie Sue and Grampa Dan.  He pushed Grammie around in the wheel chair, walked Criminal (now that’s a story within itself – more like carry Criminal), got the mail, and just loved being with the grandparents.



I took this photo before the table was put away, but Henry and I also delivered my mother’s day gift to my mom on our trip.  A table and chairs I purchased at a thrift store and refinished for her.


One day we were there we went out to breakfast with my mom, Molly and my grandmother.  On the way to my mom’s dental appointment we needed to kill some time so we drove by the belted Galloway in Rockport.  Henry has a love hate relationship with large animals.  He loves them from a distance and hates them close up.

Well, the bubs and the daddy are ordering room service right now, so I guess I better bring them their order and get ready for church.  I hope you have an awesome place to worship and hear the Word of God today.  God bless you.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Special Visit–Trip Part 8


I don’t know if it is possible to touch my heart and bring joy to my life (besides the obvious – God and family) as much as these guys do.  They will always hold a special place.  Always.


I met Melvin in high school.  Vinny and I used to teach his class physical education.  It was fun.  He still remembers Vinny making him do what he calls alligator pushups.  God brought Melvin back into my life and the rest of the guys (Scott above and Ryan below) when we bought the cleaners.


They always have been a great source of entertainment and laughter.  On days the world felt dark, stopping by one of their houses brought light.


And don’t think their lives aren’t filled with drama.  Spending a few minutes with them and I feel like I’m back in junior high.


Happy birthday to Mo-rye Mae.  So. proud. of. her.

mainenlilah 249

I stole this photo off her blog.  It’s of her husband and her holding their new niece.

Myriah is deeply loving, generous, thoughtful, funny, gorgeous, gifted but most of all she is a servant of the Most High God, the King, Jesus Christ.  I love her for everything she is.

Friday, July 29, 2011

It’s a Start!

Okay, we have barely, I mean barely moved in.  So many things to put away.  But I thought I would share the first of our it’s-a-start after photos.  Keep in mind we haven’t even painted.

So, please keep in mind our before photos… (as bad as they were – quality)…





Not much but it’s a start!


Here’s Henry dying for a photo of himself this morning.  This little bugger is growing and talking more and more every day.  He is so smart.  There other day he was talking about Mammie and Papa Pease.  I have never heard him refer to them that way but it was so cute!

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Baby Turcheys, Momma?


Henry is always asking to see the baby turcheys (turkeys) at Aunt Stacey’s farm.

Hmmm…. Moving & tRIp pHotos 7

I have come to believe the internet can be a great blessing and great curse.  The latter because of the dangers for children and people with weaknesses.  The blessing for so many people like stay at home moms, the elderly, the sick, the immobile, the isolated – it’s a way to connect when it’s impossible to use other means.  Thankful for the invention.

So, we have been moving.  GRATEFUL for all of the help we had.  Especially Mothie on his birthday.  What a guy!  He and my cousin (his wife) had a birthday party later in the day and we had to miss it because we needed to set up beds etc.  We move a lot, but moving is never fun. 

I still need to finish my trip photos.  If you’ve missed any, this is what I’ve posted so far:

One, two, three, four, four (again – need to learn how to count!),  five, six





Sam-u-smell Hermit Crab Hunting: Rockport Harbor.


Caught one!


Both Sam and Henry timidly approaching the tidal pool.


Trying to keep his balance on this uneven ground!


my little man with his cousin in the background


Throwing rocks into Rockport Harbor ♥




Sam at Walker Park on the Rockport Harbor.

Friday, July 22, 2011


When it's time for bed but can't sleep... here's a little inspiration in the midst of the chaos of moving...

I love the windows and the tile around the windows.  It looks like soapstone counter tops and love the shelving.

eclectic kitchen design by tel aviv interior designer NURIT GEFFEN-BATIM STUDIO
What I like about this kitchen is the sacrifice of upper cabinets for light.

Love that the sink is so huge and in the island.

Love the design of the shelving on the side of the island.  Not so great for toddlers, but looks outstanding!

How can you even see the kitchen with all those amazing windows as the back drop?  Killer!  And the ceiling is to die for!

Is this a kitchen or a piece of art?  I say both.  Wouldn't mind one myself!

Is this a house or a piece of art?

I think I'm loving gray walls more and more.  Too bad that Dave doesn't.


Here we are with more gray walls.  ♥

Pretty nice tub.  And floors.

Not a lover of the kitchen.  Very nice, though.  I do like the size of the island.

Let there be light♥.


Who am I to critique when moving into a 1980's time capsule.  I like it minus the chairs, curtain and maybe a splash of an accent color.  

This is pretty divine and looks like the look can be achieved in the smallest of kitchens.


Okay, now I'm getting addicted to looking at all of these designs.  This one is pretty cool but something I am not loving... just can't put my finger on it.  Maybe too much shine.  I think the mirror should be a different trim and not match the shower.  Too matchy matchy maybe.

Need I Say More?


Moving with these temps in the shade.

But TRULY grateful for people willing to literally risk their lives to help.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Project 4–Small but Not Without Challenges


This was a small project but not without its challenges.


Here’s the beginning.  Well, not truly but close.  I had already wiped the cobwebs off from sitting is my aunt’s barn and did minor sanding.  This little table was and is going to be her husband’s night stand.  Hopefully I will get some photos when it’s moved into their newly redone room because of this.


It looks rather cute here sitting in Fresh McKenzie’s farm shop next to my project # 3 but their bedroom is black, white and red.  So black it is.


My aunt bought a sample size of Behr’s black paint.  I rough sanded, primed, painted and distressed.  Then finished with wax.

My challenge with this little table was I had a very small section where the paint kept peeling off.  I think it’s because I was getting a little over confident in my abilities (beginner’s mistake!) and wasn’t taking my time.  I was finally able to correct it.  Though I’m not sure what I did differently other than be patient and take my time!


There are many benefits to refinishing furniture on the farm- my son loves it, having little chores to do while waiting, chatting with Stacey and just plain old fun.  But, with farm life comes dust and dirt which is challenging when making something black photo ready!  Believe it or not, it’s much more challenging than white.  I guess that’s why somebody told me long ago never to buy a black car!

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