Monday, July 11, 2011

Start of Project Three!!

Project One, Project Two, and now starting project three.


The start of project three.  It ’s not missing hardware.  I just started removing it before I took the photo.  My mother in-law was so nice to tell me her neighbor was giving away FREE furniture!!  We were just leaving for North Carolina but I put in my request sight unseen and this is what I got!  Yay, Valerie!  Thank you! 


Today, Henry and I sanded to give it a rough surface.  I attempted to prime it with a spray primer but it came out of the spray can chunky!!!  I was so bummed out.


My little helper!!



Playing in water on a hot Maryland day!  It’s so nice to push forward and work on projects even when the weather is really hot!  Nothing that a cold shower won’t solve at the end of the day. 

Speaking of projects – We are moving in LESS than two weeks!!  What?!?!?!


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Amy said...

Ooo i love free anything, that dresser is going to be awesome. Sorry bout your chunky primer, yuck, that stinks. I love your pics so cute!