Sunday, July 31, 2011

Trip Part 9–My Mom’s House

Henry’s and Momma’s reason for going away was to go be with my mom while she was immobile from a severe ankle break, so that we might bring joy and a helping hand to her.  Since we have been back home, she is now able to walk putting slight pressure on her injured leg.  We are so thankful to God for the progress she has made and grateful to all of you who have been praying for her.


This is one of the houses I grew up in (we lived in Appleton until I was 10.5), though you would never recognize it from the inside if you had been a visitor even 1 year ago.  My mother has done a remarkable job updating it.


And do you love the wall of tile?  LOVE!!  There’s actually two walls of tiles!a

Here’s Henry drawing on the blackboard wall in the new kitchen.  He loved, kissed, hugged staying with Grammie Sue and Grampa Dan.  He pushed Grammie around in the wheel chair, walked Criminal (now that’s a story within itself – more like carry Criminal), got the mail, and just loved being with the grandparents.



I took this photo before the table was put away, but Henry and I also delivered my mother’s day gift to my mom on our trip.  A table and chairs I purchased at a thrift store and refinished for her.


One day we were there we went out to breakfast with my mom, Molly and my grandmother.  On the way to my mom’s dental appointment we needed to kill some time so we drove by the belted Galloway in Rockport.  Henry has a love hate relationship with large animals.  He loves them from a distance and hates them close up.

Well, the bubs and the daddy are ordering room service right now, so I guess I better bring them their order and get ready for church.  I hope you have an awesome place to worship and hear the Word of God today.  God bless you.

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