Thursday, July 7, 2011

Trip–Photos Part 2

We stopped in Newport, RI on our way home.  It was a joy to visit my grandparents twice within a week.


My grandfather is 86 or maybe 87 and my grandmother will be 81 in August.  He is the son of Polish immigrants and she is the daughter of mid west farmers.  They met during the Polio epidemic after my grandfather had served the Marines as a Navy medic in the second great war.  My grandmother was a registered nurse in Sioux City and my grandfather was helping in the same city at the time.  They have 8 children, 21 grandchildren and many great grandchildren. 


Henry had a great time with his papa on his great-uncle Gerald’s boat.  The bridge behind them is the Newport bridge. 


It was so nice of Uncle Gerald to take us on a ride around Newport Harbor.  So beautiful.

We had dinner with Annie, Teresa, Gerald, Dad, Sophie, Angelo and Lily that night.  I think most of the dinner was spent keeping the kids under control.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera.

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