Friday, July 22, 2011


When it's time for bed but can't sleep... here's a little inspiration in the midst of the chaos of moving...

I love the windows and the tile around the windows.  It looks like soapstone counter tops and love the shelving.

eclectic kitchen design by tel aviv interior designer NURIT GEFFEN-BATIM STUDIO
What I like about this kitchen is the sacrifice of upper cabinets for light.

Love that the sink is so huge and in the island.

Love the design of the shelving on the side of the island.  Not so great for toddlers, but looks outstanding!

How can you even see the kitchen with all those amazing windows as the back drop?  Killer!  And the ceiling is to die for!

Is this a kitchen or a piece of art?  I say both.  Wouldn't mind one myself!

Is this a house or a piece of art?

I think I'm loving gray walls more and more.  Too bad that Dave doesn't.


Here we are with more gray walls.  ♥

Pretty nice tub.  And floors.

Not a lover of the kitchen.  Very nice, though.  I do like the size of the island.

Let there be light♥.


Who am I to critique when moving into a 1980's time capsule.  I like it minus the chairs, curtain and maybe a splash of an accent color.  

This is pretty divine and looks like the look can be achieved in the smallest of kitchens.


Okay, now I'm getting addicted to looking at all of these designs.  This one is pretty cool but something I am not loving... just can't put my finger on it.  Maybe too much shine.  I think the mirror should be a different trim and not match the shower.  Too matchy matchy maybe.


katie said...

We are so on the same page with design. LOVE all of them!

Katie Newcomb said...

What a great collection of inspiration photos! I love white kitchens with dark wood floors. Thank you for sharing!