Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oakleigh Road Before Photos & Update

Okay, what you are about to see are some REALLY poor quality photos, but, hey, maybe it will make the after shots look EVEN better.  I would go retake them but Dave is in the process of ripping out the carpets as I write.  I have loads to do but am feeling exhausted and am doing nothing!  Can we say lazy?

Anyway, I have a good excuse because Henry is taking a nap now.  Something has been doing a lot of lately and hadn’t been doing for over a year!  I don’t know if he’s growing or what, but I’m going it and thankful for it.

Speaking of Henry, our little boy is talking up a storm.  He copies everything!  AND, since calling B.j. sweetheart all the time when we were in Maine, he’s taken to calling other ladies sweetheart!  Sorry to break your heart B.j.!  Today at the closing on our house he was running around the office with our friend and realtor Lisa saying hi to everyone.

This closing COULD have been hair raising, but praise God we know Who our Redeemer is and take the bumps with a stride knowing it will all work out.  There were some last minute things the processors forgot they needed.  Major things.  Just happens.  After our business sale and closing, everything seems like smooth sailing.  So, we were supposed to get a clear to close every 30 minutes starting Friday but didn’t until yesterday afternoon.  We had already scheduled the closing for today at 12.  SO, we didn’t get the HUD statement until this morning (states all the figures), which is totally fine.  BUT the title company overnighted the papers yesterday instead of before and instead of some other method like wiring the funds.  So (I know, a lot of so’s), the mail plane was delayed, the papers were on a UPS truck and we were all sitting in the closing room.  Sitting in a closing room for hours is not new to us.  Since we live so close to this one, we just decided to go home after waiting an hour.  Well, our really awesome realtor called the UPS store who didn’t answer and THEN went there and they informed her there was no way to track down the driver.  BUT God!  She saw a UPS truck on the side of the road and asked the driver of that particular truck if he could help.  He could and he did!  He happened to be the supervisor and knew who the other driver was and called him on his cell phone which the store said he didn’t have.  Lisa drove to the correct truck, BOOM got the papers and BOOM drove back to the office to save the day.  We turned around on our way home, went back to the office and signed the papers!  YAY!  All done.  Praise God for miracles and really awesome God stories!


Back of the house.  Sits on a hill on a wooded lot.  The lady who sold it to us lived here for 52 years.  Wow!  She took very good care of it.  Ranches are not my taste but I did/do see major potential and you can’t beat our latest mortgage payment!  The driveway is off an alley in the back of the house, so we will use the back door to enter the house through the kitchen.


Here is a picture of the back yard.  Very shaded from mature trees and a brick patio.  The yard is small but fine for us.


Sorry for the bad photo.  This is looking into the kitchen from the living room.  The door is the back door that leads to the backyard (picture above).


It always kills me when realtors put in updated kitchen in the listing and the update was in the 80’s.  We’re talking almost 30 years folks!  So, praise God again that the home owner is very meticulous in her upkeep.  Though, if I have my way, this will not even look close to the same.

You can also get a glimpse of the salmon color carpets in the dining room which wrap around to the living room.  GONE.  GONE.  GONE.


Yet another really bad photo of Lisa and Shari trying to open the jammed lock box in front of the lovely living room window on our no-longer-existing, salmon colored carpet.  The kitchen is to the right in the photo – behind a wall.  And the dining room is also to the right just after the kitchen.


Voila!  The dining room.  Boring.  Yes.  Not for long.



Turn around and go down the hall past the living room and you come to a time capsuled 1950’s bathroom.  Almost like it has never been used.  In great condition.  Not my taste.  But will do for now.


Another view of the tiny room.


Another bad photo, another bad carpet color.  Sorry, Mrs. owner.  I am sure this was in when it was installed.  But it’s gotta go.  Bedroom one.  This will be Henry’s room.


Bad photo of the master bedroom.  Again, gotta-go-carpet.


Worst photo yet.  Sorry.  This is the last bedroom on the left.


Stairs to the basement.


Bad photo #785.  The downstairs living area.  I can retake this one.

Basement bedroom.  Maybe the nicest bedroom at this moment.


One part of the rest of the basement work/storage area.  No photos of the primitive basement bathroom and laundry room.  No photos of the front of the house.  Will come later.

Thanking God for His many blessings.

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Carolyn said...

Welcome to the neighborhood! Same story here. Our home was owned by a 90 year old lady who last updated in the 80's. Poofy valances filled with plastic bags. Need I say more? Its a work in progress.
Carolyn 8815 Wolverton rd.