Thursday, June 19, 2014

Happy Birthday, Hudson!!

Our baby came into the world two years ago today.  Can't believe it's Hudzy Budzy Bear's Birthday!

My Bear loves sports, danger, his family, the water, rocks, trucks, running.   We had to go to the DMV to register my car this morning which was literal torture for all of us.  But we calmed down after getting Hudson a birthday cupcake and playing in the park.

Hudson is very loving and very rough.  He's quiet and he's loud.  He's an observer and a doer.  He's always adventurous and extremely adorable.  I thank God for him everyday.  I thank God for his chubby cheeks and belly and curly hair.  I thank God for how much he loves me.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Chickens, Foxes and Working Again

Our poor chickens were nearly taken out on Sunday.  We came home late afternoon/ early evening after my birthday party to the chickens wildly running around and then we saw it!  A FOX!  It quickly disappeared into the woods.

My mom had a party at her house for my grandfather and me.  Our birthdays are two days apart.  Molly had a gluten free cake made for me.  

London came to visit us!!  Our Canadian/ American cousin.

Henry was very concerned about his flock.

My baby cakes passed out in his chair on Memorial Day.

I can't get enough of his cuteness!

Been getting back to work after working extremely part-time for several months!  So maybe even less time to blog?   Who knows?  I seem to get more done the busier I am but there's nothing like two active boys to keep you busy!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Spring IS Here!

MASSIVE chicken egg!!

We love visiting the Belted Galloway in Rockport!

Dairy Farm up the road.



First 5K for my friend Bobbie Jo


Christopher and Grampa on Grammie's 75th

Church event at Molly's on Pond

Henry got into freezing cold water.

Dave mowing our huge lawn with boys.

So grateful to live down the road from Jessica.

Papa and Henry plowing our garden.

Full moon walk with neighbors.  Was a fun time.

First time away from kids.  Bobbie and I went to the Melaleuca Convention in Salt Lake City.

Too busy for sight seeing but coming into the city on the plane was breathtaking.

So many people and such a wonderful company.

Artist does painting on canvas to music in minutes.  It looks like nothing and then he flips around and, boom, Elvis.

Finally, a grilled Rachael spelled the correct way.  Hahah

My babies did so well without me.  But was so good to be with them today!

Our yard.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Catching Up - Spring, Farm & Easter

Children's Chapel Rockport, Maine

Children's Chapel with Christopher, Henry & Hudson (yesterday).
They all loved it but Chris loved it the most.

Hudson throwing rocks into the ocean yesterday at the South End of Rockland Public Beach.

Chris throwing rocks.  What a gorgeous place we live in.  Henry hasn't been feeling well.  He was busy collecting sea shells.

Henry and Hudson

Hudson running around the park of the Children's Chapel.

We walked around the boardwalk in Rockland.

Easter Sunday hugs before church.

Easter baskets before church.

Henry on the egg hunt at church.

Hudson on the egg hunt at church.

Henry spying out the egg hunt int he church window.

My afternoon walk on Easter Sunday.  Reflection in a farm pond.

Hudson egg hunting at my mom's.

Henry at my mom's.

Henry at the church.

Our chickens enjoying the yard.

Chickens kissing.

Hudson getting muddy.

Hudson getting into things.

Juicing again.

Morning snuggles.

Crazy wild turkeys.  17 of them total.

Henry the day before Easter planting seeds at a farm up the road.

Hudson at the Guini Ridge Farm open farm day.

Henry and Chris at the egg hunt in our town center.

Hudson eating cereal.

The Easter cake I made for Henry.

Henry playing with the chickens.


Our rooster Charles in Charge.

Hudzy Bear


My cuteness

Camping outside with daddio


Our slugger