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Project Eight
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The first house I ever remember renovating was in my head as a small child - it was my grandparents' Victorian in East Union, Maine.  I have ripped down several walls, torn down ceilings, and reconfigured the kitchen a million times over since before I was ten.  It was there that I got my vision.  And not because it is a dump.  It's a beautiful house and I think that all of the creativity and style combined with all family members could never match that of my grandmother Charlotte.  To say she is gifted is an understatement.  She is the epitome of style.  She and my grandfather still live in that old house and it's nicer than ever, but I'm still redoing it in my mind. Now, I do it in every house I'm in.  I think that's why I love redoing furniture.  It's easily accessible, it's much cheaper and much, much quicker.  Plus, taking others trash and making into a treasure reminds me of how much God loves me and makes me thankful for the blood of Christ which erased my sins past, present and future and made me a brand new creation in Him.

Rockport, Maine Farmhouse - Before Pictures - After Pictures - After Pictures - After Pictures - After Pictures - After Pictures

Oakleigh Road (current project) - Before Photos, It's a Start


Photographs of Victor and Chelsea Botley's Wedding in Fawn Grove, PA.  Annie and I worked together on this.

Victor and Chelsea ~ May 28, 2011