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wife, mother, sister, daughter, child of God. I am a Maine girl living in exile in Baltimore, Maryland.  I am very imperfect, made many mistakes but my heart's desire is for this blog and anything I do with my God-given life is to lift up the name of Jesus Christ so He can draw all men (women) unto Him.  I am so excited about this faith adventure life we Christians live and want to be one of those weak ordinary beings that God does extraordinary things with.  That is my heart.  I may not win a popularity contest but Jesus said we would do even greater things than He.  I want to be one of those.  Losing my life to gain a richer more joyous life.  Stilling falling and getting up several times a day but getting to know Him more and more.

I love and worship my Living Savior Who without I would not be able to breathe or face even the next moment.

I love my husband.

I love my little boy and unborn child.

I love my extended family.

 I love the body of Christ.

We recently became gluten and casein free.

I love adventure.

I am learning about this stay-at-home mom and wife thing.  Wasn't ever sure that is what I wanted but now, though I face struggles like everyone, I can't imagine anyone else raising my child.

I dream about redoing real estate and have had the great privilege of improving two and working on a third (though a very, very slow process).

I have a new hobby of redoing furniture.

I love reading.

I love architecture.

I love men and women who have paid a price to serve God like C.S. Lewis, Watchman Nee, Beth Moore, my pastor, many missionaries in my church, George Muller, D.L.Moody, Ravi Zacharias, Amy Carmichael, Hudson Taylor and many others.

It is one of my great desires to see prayer answered in my life and to be a prayer warrior like George Muller. I tell God that all the time.

Because He (Jesus) lives I can face tomorrow.

My late brother and I with part of our babysitting couple Clyde.

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Linda said...

Wow, all I can say is BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL FAMILY! You are a great inspiration to many.

Reality Check said...

Rachael, I love your blog!!! I'm glad you are back in Baltimore with the rest of us. Dawn K.

Jo said...

Rachael, love your blog. So encouraging to see another sister in Christ sharing her heart with others!

Someday we will meet!