Saturday, December 29, 2012

Moosey Moose



Sitting Up

We found someone in the sitting up position all by himself this morning. 


Hudson’s first time sitting up from crawling all on his own.  Smile.

Happy Birthday to my Grandfather in Heaven


It’s Grandpa Galkowski’s first birthday in heaven.  My heart goes out to Grandma and the rest of the family.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

a small tribute to the big brother

big brother. big memories. big wounds. big healing. big blessing.

there was nothing small about vinny, his life, his way, and our relationship. 

GOD does big healing when HE allows big wounds that tear apart a little life, on this little earth during this little time.  I’ll take it.  I’ll take the tears (tares) with the tears for the time I had with him and the time I have with HIM.  the little time for the big time in all of eternity. 

the big memories are a big blessing.  the big memories help heal the big wound.  but not really.  memories and time do not heal wounds.  GOD’s WORD does.  HIS WORD is life.  HIS WORD is truth.  HIS WORD is the only thing that can tear and repair.  for REAL.  all other healing is scar tissue. 

so today I reflect on big going away parties we had for small trips.  outrageous middle of the night phone calls.  outrageous requests.  fishing time on the georges river and the dam up the street from my grandparents. after school torture.  unspoken deep connection. a loving family. shared heart aches. a beloved brother completely healed at the feet of JESUS.  no more tears (tare) or tears.  no pain.  he is rallying for the truth of GOD’s WORD all the more now that he knows the TRUTH.  makes me want the TRUTH of GOD’s WORD all the more.

missing but rejoicing.

all my love to my big brother.

Pinterest Post…

I’m on a roll tonight so here goes…

L O V E.   via.


What’s not to love about floor to ceiling windows that open onto a front porch.  Via.

sesame quinoa spring rolls!

Could be yummy.  Could be gross.  Via.

ready for a soak!  @Better Homes and Gardens

I love nice trim and nice woodwork painted white.  So timeless.  via.

Henry’s Christmas

Okay.  So this was THE most fun Christmas EVER.  Henry made it that way.  I love his age. 
Lots of farm stuff.  Lots of John Deere stuff.
Whipping through his gifts…
Taking time to read the books.
Helping baby brother with his gifts.

Hudson’s First Christmas


I cannot, cannot, cannot get over the absolute handsomeness, adorableness, cuteness all the nesses of this kid.  He is one beautiful baby.  And we had a great first Christmas with him!

Juicer–Secret Weapon

I got a juicer for Christmas from Dave.  Something I have been really wanting lately since helping my friend Dee and finding some of her juice recipes absolutely delicious.  We weren’t technically getting gifts for each other but Dave surprised me with a juicer and a bunch of really awesome books.  My first recipe was a lime, ginger, and beet juice.  So good.  I let Henry try one I made.  Not surprisingly found it disgusting.  But I have found a secret weapon.  I juiced carrots, kale, beets and apples and masked it in a smoothie.  He drank the whole thing Winking smile.  AND, Dave has been juicing.  Which is the most shocking of all!

Happy Birthday,Vinny

You are missed.  You are loved.  I wish you could meet your nephews.  God had another plan and I am grateful you are filled with joy and peace and having the time of your life. 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Interesting Research

Christmas Morning

Christmas Eve at Aunt Desi & Uncle Glenn’s


We spent Christmas Eve at Dave’s sister’s house with her daughter and grandchildren from NYC.  Her husband Glenn cooked a delicious dinner Smile.







Tired baby’s first Christmas.



Monday, December 24, 2012

Daddy Davey

Davey Pavey when he was a baby…

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas with Grammie Sue




We all got to open our gifts from Grammie Sue & Grampa Dan today.  My mom was here on a layover on a business trip and was able to spend seven hours with us.  It was a great Christmas gift for our family.  Not to mention the bonus of all of the gifts we got.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Cookie Cutter Peppermint Bark



I used cookie cutters as molds for my peppermint bark today.

Please Pray

My friend Dee made it of surgery but still is in desperate need of prayer.



Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lion Protection


Henry was crying tonight because he was scared.  That’s his usual stall from going to sleep.  Dave told him just to go to bed.  When I went into his room he had his lion over him for protection as he was sleeping.  Wanted to capture this for Aunt Sissie & Uncle Vick.

Prayers Answered.

My friend with cancer made it through a very serious, lengthy and dangerous surgery yesterday thanks to the prayers of everyone and the faithfulness of God and the skills of the orthopedic surgeons.  The surgery was supposed to be four hours. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Prayer Needed & Hudson is 6 Months Old Today

Please pray for the Lord to guide the surgeons’ hands today as my friend with bone cancer gets a very difficult procedure starting at 9:30 this morning.



My little superstar is 6 months old today.  I can hardly believe it.


My cookie decorating machine…

The end of last week we went to wholefoods for my friend.  A very nice west African man was helping us out to our car.  I was asking him where his country was and he and Henry were talking about Christmas.  Henry asked him if he had presents and he said yes.  Henry asked him if he had kids and he said no.  Then Henry asked him if he had a brother and he said yes.  When we got to the car Henry asked him where his husband was.  I started to correct Henry and was going to tell him that this gentleman would have a wife.  Then I realized that isn’t the case anymore.  This man could have a husband, so I stopped talking.  Then Henry piped up that “our” husband was at work.  Which got us all laughing.