Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Prayer Needed & Hudson is 6 Months Old Today

Please pray for the Lord to guide the surgeons’ hands today as my friend with bone cancer gets a very difficult procedure starting at 9:30 this morning.



My little superstar is 6 months old today.  I can hardly believe it.


My cookie decorating machine…

The end of last week we went to wholefoods for my friend.  A very nice west African man was helping us out to our car.  I was asking him where his country was and he and Henry were talking about Christmas.  Henry asked him if he had presents and he said yes.  Henry asked him if he had kids and he said no.  Then Henry asked him if he had a brother and he said yes.  When we got to the car Henry asked him where his husband was.  I started to correct Henry and was going to tell him that this gentleman would have a wife.  Then I realized that isn’t the case anymore.  This man could have a husband, so I stopped talking.  Then Henry piped up that “our” husband was at work.  Which got us all laughing.

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