Saturday, March 29, 2014

Henry's Farm is Growing!

Our little man is growing up!  Those are Hudson's legs.  He was lying on me all day yesterday.  Poor thing has had a bad virus for the past few days.  Doing a little better today.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Motherhood is such a paradox.  Such an illustration of our total depravity, the endless riches of Christ Jesus that are ready to be accessed and grace that flows freely.

It is the best of times and the worst of times.  But even the worst of times can be filled with joy.

You discover how selfless and selfish you are wrapped up into one little human being.

Lazy and ultra productive from moment to moment.

Not sure how you can make it through another night with only hours of sleep and all interrupted but you still wake up overflowed with joy to be their mom.

Sometimes you feel sorry for yourself but in the same moment would give up anything to make their life just a little better.

You do things you never thought you'd ever do - like stay at home, join mom clubs, and even consider the H word... home school.

You pour another glass of juice, wipe another bottom, make another meal, nurse the baby all wondering how you can muster up the energy to get through the next moment and then you dance and praise with all of your might wondering if you ever had this much energy in your entire life.

It's the tenth round of Ring Around the Rosie, driving by cows and answering a thousand questions.  Seeing life afresh.

Irritation rises like a frost from the ground in the spring and then thoughts of how you are the person that brings comfort to this little person's life.

To be needed. Can be overwhelming in a bad way and at the same time God knew exactly what you needed.

How can we do this thing called motherhood without Him.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happenings at the Homestead

It's not possible to express how thankful I am to God for our little family.  I am so madly in love with my two crazy little boys EVEN when they drive me nuts and they DO!  I am also SO thankful for what God is doing in our lives.  He is working overtime.

Here is Hudson who loves to be massaged.

He is called the baby boss and the baby mafia by some ;).  He doesn't talk much but you know exactly what he wants by his grunts.

He's also a chocoholic!!  He can hear me opening a chocolate wrapper better than Henry!!

This is Bobbie Jo kicking my butt on a walk the day she got her first round of the strongest chemo they deliver.  Today she got her second round.  The very good news is her cancer has not spread beyond
her lymph nodes by her breast and it's very treatable even though it's the most aggressive cancer.

My strikingly handsome baby.

We went sledding a couple of weekends ago.  Christopher came with us.  Was with Bobbie Jo's family and friends.  My sister Jana is Bobbie's sister in-law.  Small world.  Dave has to work on Saturdays, so it was just me and the boys.  Hudson slept for a short time in the car but then braved the hill with us.  And a hill it was.  Unfortunately, I lost my phone on the way down the hill once so didn't dare to keep it with me after that.

Hudzy bear's head.  I think it was Henry's first time sledding too.  (March 11).

My grandmother was in the hospital for a few days.  They feared broken bones and then she got checked for cancer.  Thank God neither were the case.  My grandfather nicknamed the boys the Umstead Wrecking Crew.

Trying to decide what to do for Henry's schooling next year.  I just don't want to crush his little spirit.  He has been doing ABC Mouse.  I feel like school with a bunch of students my be too much for his sensitive soul.  He gets very stressed out by learning.

Baby love.  My natural athlete.

Henry is an instigator and Hudson is a brute.

The stool I got an an auction.  I haven't been back yet BUT I think I am addicted.  It's like a new world.  Like nothing I have every been to.  This one they do in inland Maine.  A subculture.

Hudson's hair is very curly.  Killer cute.

Friday mornings is story time at our local library.  We have been going there to play but last Friday my friend Jessica who homeschools her two youngest invited us to go hang out.  Henry took charge and snuggled up to the reader and chose the book.  He introduced me to his new friend.  In fact, he makes friends with everyone.  Today he made a new friend at the grocery store.  I want to keep that passion alive as long as possible.

Papa came over on Friday too.  And read all the library book we brought home.

Then we went to a new play place they opened in Rockland.

Very fun for the boys.

My uncle Gerald visited on Saturday.  So we had a family day.  Aunt Jana made this chef hat for Henry's birthday and brought him some gluten free stuff to make.

The pastor of our church and a group of folks including Molly, Wayne and Sam took a missions trip to Belize this week.  Dave preached the message on Sunday morning and did a really good job.  In this photo the folks on the trip had called in to say hi.

Teagan had her 8th birthday party at the community center.  My kids preferred to play in the gym.


There is so much going on in our church.  Dave is gone tonight an hour and half away teaching a Bible Study.  I do a women's Bible Study Thursday night.  And Claire (in the red) had a Filipino Bible Study on Sunday evening.  I think Filipinos are Maine's largest minority.  Claire really wanted me to be there.  We had a really good time.  Eternal.

My mom gave us this book in honor of Hudson.  Totally him.

Christopher came over to play yesterday.

A few weeks ago I found this dresser at Goodwill.  It was $20!!  In pretty rough shape but I saw the potential and practically ran to the front to buy it before someone else did.  I love the Moroccan Red color I chose.  Love it!!

Henry Turned Five March 14

My oldest superstar turned 5 on Friday, March 14.  He was due on a Friday and was born just four and half hours after Friday.

I can't even stand this kid.  He is so creative, smart, witty and handsome!!!

We went to the Children's Museum in Augusta during the day on his birthday.  We braved dinner out on the town in Rockland the night of his birthday and even went to a Creamery after.  Henry had Raspberry Sorbet in a gluten free cone.  You can't get stuff like that more and more now.

He told us he wanted to walk around town after.  He told us we really needed the exercise (he is right).  But he is such a little romantic, he finds the bright side to everything and really just enjoys life.

We had his party on Sunday after church.  It was a family party.  I made gluten free chocolate cupcakes with butter cream frosting.  We had a John Deere theme.

Our little tiger became a chicken farmer that day thanks to his great Aunt Molly, Uncle Wayne and cousin Sam.

They stayed in the basement for a few days in a dog crate and then that Tuesday we moved them to the chicken coop that came with the house.  Gertrude is the darker one and Henrietta the reddish one.

Henry got his first egg the day we moved them out to the chicken coop.  We were all extremely excited.

Henry is in love with his chickens.  He visits them before we leave the house and each time we come home.

He used to be scared to go outside by himself. Being a chicken farmer has completely cured it.

He is such a love.

Monday, March 3, 2014

DIY Maine Sign

The Maine sign is going above the kitchen cabinets where we are almost finished painting.