Thursday, March 27, 2014


Motherhood is such a paradox.  Such an illustration of our total depravity, the endless riches of Christ Jesus that are ready to be accessed and grace that flows freely.

It is the best of times and the worst of times.  But even the worst of times can be filled with joy.

You discover how selfless and selfish you are wrapped up into one little human being.

Lazy and ultra productive from moment to moment.

Not sure how you can make it through another night with only hours of sleep and all interrupted but you still wake up overflowed with joy to be their mom.

Sometimes you feel sorry for yourself but in the same moment would give up anything to make their life just a little better.

You do things you never thought you'd ever do - like stay at home, join mom clubs, and even consider the H word... home school.

You pour another glass of juice, wipe another bottom, make another meal, nurse the baby all wondering how you can muster up the energy to get through the next moment and then you dance and praise with all of your might wondering if you ever had this much energy in your entire life.

It's the tenth round of Ring Around the Rosie, driving by cows and answering a thousand questions.  Seeing life afresh.

Irritation rises like a frost from the ground in the spring and then thoughts of how you are the person that brings comfort to this little person's life.

To be needed. Can be overwhelming in a bad way and at the same time God knew exactly what you needed.

How can we do this thing called motherhood without Him.

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