Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Henry Turned Five March 14

My oldest superstar turned 5 on Friday, March 14.  He was due on a Friday and was born just four and half hours after Friday.

I can't even stand this kid.  He is so creative, smart, witty and handsome!!!

We went to the Children's Museum in Augusta during the day on his birthday.  We braved dinner out on the town in Rockland the night of his birthday and even went to a Creamery after.  Henry had Raspberry Sorbet in a gluten free cone.  You can't get stuff like that more and more now.

He told us he wanted to walk around town after.  He told us we really needed the exercise (he is right).  But he is such a little romantic, he finds the bright side to everything and really just enjoys life.

We had his party on Sunday after church.  It was a family party.  I made gluten free chocolate cupcakes with butter cream frosting.  We had a John Deere theme.

Our little tiger became a chicken farmer that day thanks to his great Aunt Molly, Uncle Wayne and cousin Sam.

They stayed in the basement for a few days in a dog crate and then that Tuesday we moved them to the chicken coop that came with the house.  Gertrude is the darker one and Henrietta the reddish one.

Henry got his first egg the day we moved them out to the chicken coop.  We were all extremely excited.

Henry is in love with his chickens.  He visits them before we leave the house and each time we come home.

He used to be scared to go outside by himself. Being a chicken farmer has completely cured it.

He is such a love.

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