Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First Dr.'s Appointment

Henry had his first Dr.'s appointment today. He gained a pound since birth and grew an inch. Everything seems to be going well and for that I am very grateful to God.

I am going to write about his birth story soon and post some more pictures.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Henry 2 Weeks Old and Misc Pictures

On Henry's first hike on his two week birthday.

getting ready to go one day

Bath on two week birthday

Getting ready to go on a ride


Henry went to his first restaurant at Come Spring Cafe in Union on Friday, March 27 with his mommy, Grammie Sue, great grandparents, and great Aunt Molly. He was very good because he slept through the whole time.

He went to the nursing home with us today for the first time. We didn't go all the way in because one of the nurses said they had a big flu outbreak. We sat in the waiting room off the foyer and Dave brought David out for us to read to him. Then he went to his great Aunt Molly's open house at her new business "The Garage".

Later this afternoon we went on Henry's first hike on the Hope/Rockport townline off Hope Street. We had no idea the snow was going to be so deep. It was quite a challenge.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Henry's First Church Outing

Last night Henry went to his first Bible Study at my mom's house. He hasn't been to church yet, so it was his first church outing. He did really well because he slept through the entire thing. I was getting a little scared he wouldn't sleep at night because he was sleeping so much.

He went to the store for the first time. Our fridge broke so we really haven't had any food in our house for days. Dave was in the process of putting the new one in with my brother when I left for the Bible Study. I was starving as it was dinner time and didn't have any time or any food to prepare. I stopped at Tolman Pond Market to get a snack. It was Henry's first time in a store. He was sleeping then too :}.

Henry's been raking in the gifts as well. He got a beautiful outfit from his cousin aunt Annie, a sweater and bib from his great aunt Teresa and family, a bouncy chair and outfit from the cousin aunt and uncle in PA, a bag full of gifts from Emily and family, money from his grandparents, bath set from his aunt, uncle and cousin in MI, flowers, teddy bears, frames - too much stuff to mention.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Big Sister to the Rescue

Big yawn - it's a tough life when you're only a few days old

Maggie was dying to lay down on the nursing pillow as soon as it was available. She wanted to because it is her little brothers.

Everyone thought Maggie would be very jealous of the baby except us... we knew our puppy better than that. And.... we were right. She loves Henry. She is the best big sister ever. If he cries, she comes running - it doesn't matter if she is napping in the most comfortable sun spot in the house. She absolutely adores him and is very protective.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy 1 Week Birthday Baby Boy

Picture taken 7 days old

Unfortunately much of my life has been wanting time to pass for the next thing to happen. I think this is the first time in my life that I don't want time to pass. I just want to treasure every second of Henry's life. I don't want him to grow up too fast.

Henry's 1st Walk & Bath at Home

1st family walk - 5 days old

1st bath at home - six days old

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Teagan

Happy third Birthday Teagan. You're six days shy of being exactly three years older than your first cousin baby Henry.

Happy Spring!

Some Firsts for Henry

Henry left the house for the first time after he arrived home on Wed. afternoon. We went to Miles for a follow up appointment for Mom and Henry. Daddy drove and Mommy sat in back with Henry. He took it better than Mommy. She was very tired and didn't want to go anywhere. Mommy's appointment went well. She did need a prescription. Henry gained weight which is what they're looking for. After the appointment Daddy went into Hannaford to get Mommy's prescription that had been called in and they said it would be an hour. With a 45 minute drive home, Mommy, Daddy and Henry had to wait. It seemed like torture. They did arrive home to a delicious dinner made by great-grammie Charlotte. Grammie Sue made dinner twice and great-aunt Molly did once too.

We haven't had our first visit at home yet because Mommy has been trying to adjust and have alone time with the new family.

Henry went on his first walk in his bjorn carrier with Mommy, Daddy and Maggie last night.

Henry made his first house visit to Grammie Sue while someone was looking at our house. She couldn't hold him because she so sick. She probably got sick from staying up all night at the hospital waiting for little Henry to be born.

Henry stopped by cousin Teagan's to wish her a happy birthday and give her a gift. Henry was grumpy so we only stayed long enough to say hi to Uncle Zac and Aunt Steph.

We got beautiful flowers from cuzzy aunt Rye and cuzzy uncle Tim.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Henry's Birth Story in Pictures

just born

our room

mom in labor

birthing tub - Henry was almost born here but had too much miconium so we had to switch right at the end

Getting weighed

Just born with Daddy

Just born with Mommy

Uncle Zac

Uncle Zac and Aunt Steph

Terry and family visiting

Cousin Sam

Great Aunt Molly

Great Grammie Charlotte

Grammie Sue

Visit from Grampa Larry Aiken

getting ready to go home

first bath in the hospital with Mommy

Getting ready to go home

First car ride

Balloon from Uncle Zac, Aunt Steph and cousin Teagan

Flowers from Molly and Grammie

First feeding at home

with Daddy first day home