Friday, July 1, 2011

Project Two - Start to Finish

I purchased this oak table at Salvation Army along with 5 chairs.

 I sanded the top - which took a LONG time and lots of elbow grease EVEN with an electric sander and some gritty paper. 

I stained the top a walnut.  The top was in rough condition when I got it but came out really nice.

I lightly sanded the lower part and painted it white.  Then I heavily distressed it.  I really like using white and heavily distressing because it makes you feel less guilty about an imperfect paint job.  But, believe it or not, distressing takes some work - fun work!

I put a couple of heavy coats of minwax wax on it.

Then I drove 600 plus miles through torrential downpours to deliver it to my mother as her late but heartfelt mother's day gift.  Thank You, God, for the wax I had put on because it protected it from the dampness that was inevitable in the weather in which we were traveling.


Lori Lucas said...

I love it. That is exactly the table I want in my kitchen! What a great daughter. Lori L

Wendy said...

it is lovely :)

Fresh McKenzie said...

did your mother die over it?