Thursday, October 23, 2014

I'm Back.. For Now...

I used to get so bugged when bloggers I followed dropped off the face of the earth.  And now I get it.  With different seasons come different priorities.  And I am learning to navigate this time with two busy boys, a messy house and days going by in a flash.  I have learned more about myself.  I am more of a romantic than I ever realized and more of a visionary.  I romanticized the idea of homeschooling, raising children and being a stay at home mom.  My days are filled with lots of frustration, lots of forgiveness (mostly for myself) and a flurry of activity.  In the midst of my new depths of knowledge in practical parenting and the application of the grace of God like never before, I am loving life.  Loving my kids and am so very grateful to God to all He has given me.  I am in awe watching my two little boys becoming more and more independent.  I am in awe of the opportunities God gives me to minister to others in the midst of my own depravity.  I am in awe of the spiritual growth of my husband.  I am in awe of the blessing God continues to pour out.

Doing some art work on a very rainy, cold wet day here in mid-coast Maine.  We do not do art every day - don't want to give a false impression haha.

Learning to live in a house that constantly has every room on the verge of being clean or a total disaster.  Never completely in order.

Our bar top has become a home to Henry's toys and Hudson has found a way to move chairs to reach them as well.

Another shot of the boys hard at work.  Henry is really refining his skills daily.  Hudson doesn't ever want to miss a moment of action.

Our dog is jailed because he pooped on the rug this morning.  His name is Bosley.  He's a beagle and blue tick mix.  We rescued him from the pound after he was there for a few months and before that found nearly dead on the side of a mountain.  He's seven years old and very good with the kids.

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