Friday, June 12, 2015

Beloved Bobbie Jo Off to New Horizons

I posted this on Facebook and wanted to repost to my blog (I left original typos as well):

For Our Beloved Bobbie Jo and all those hearts bleeding over her loss. I have been asking God how does one wrap words around a life so short that effected so many? Words can never give what we had in Bobbie justice. But here they are.

In a world filled with isolation and individualism, she offered community and togetherness. In a world of mass blind consumption, she savored every bite. In a world too heavy laden with their own pain to glimpse on another's, she shouldered up with open arms and an open heart. In world of survival of the fittest, she joined the under dog every. single. time. In a world where life is disposable, she valued and saw beauty in every person. In a world of iphones and 100% accessibility, the world stopped when she was with you. In a world of ADHD and interruption overload, she listened like no one I have ever met. In a world of rote, meaningless motion, she lived every moment and made every decision with passion.

To me she was a perfectly imperfect representation of something we all long for and how God made our life to be. She was a perfectly imperfect representation of Jesus Christ Himself. She is a life well lived because she loved. For without love, life is nothing. Our loss would not be bitter if our time with her had not been so sweet. I will take the pain, if it means I get to keep the blessing. For that I am grateful and would not change history. I am thankful to God for creating such a wonderful woman and that she allowed Christ's life to shine through her. I am forever indebted to her family for sharing her last moments with so many of us.

For someone who never wanted to alone, you are brave, my jerk, my friend, my sister to go on to meet Jesus before us. New Horizons where you are happy and whole. We love you!

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