Saturday, January 8, 2011

Some Things Henry

I love watching Henry’s personality come out.  Here are some cute things I am seeing in him:

He loves the number 9.

He loves the song Old McDonald had a Farm and sings the E-I-E-I-O line quite frequently throughout the day.

He loves real cars.  He calls them mroom mrooms.  He is always saying, “A ride?  Mroom, mroom?”

He loves, loves, loves his dog Maggie.  Many times a day he laughs out loud at her.

He loves to rearrange his toys.  His grandmother gave him a box of Winnie the Pooh board books.  The box serves as a carrying case and has a handle.  He enjoys taking the books out and putting them back in.

He still really loves books.  He will sit and look at them himself.

He loves greeting people.  He says hi to every person we pass in the grocery store.

He loves his great-grandfather Nate and talks about “Bamp-pa” several times a day.

He loves shoes.  Any shoes.

He doesn’t like it when his shirt rides up above his belly.

He won’t go to nursery at church unless Dave and I are there.

He loves to pretend to drive the car.

He loves to push Dave or I around on his rocket car.

He loves Ming Ming on Wonder Pets.

He loves Bob the Builder show.  I am not sure if he cares about any particular character.

He shows signs of knowing where we are geographically when riding in the car.  If we are near my grandparents’ house, Henry will say, “Bamp-pa”.  If we are near where the belted Galloway cows are in Rockport he will say, “Dows?”

He loves to pretend to talk on the phone.

He loves to clean.  Loves mops, vacuums and pretending to wipe things down.

He loves climbing on top of anything.

He doesn’t like to be touched or patted unless it is on his terms.  He will remove a hand from his body.  If he wants you to keep patting him he will move your hand back to him. 

If you start playing some rough housing gave he will want you to play forever.

He baits Maggie with his toys.

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