Thursday, January 6, 2011


I am a total wimp when Henry gets sick.  Not a cold but things that are more serious.  It is so difficult to watch your child struggle and not have them be able to verbalize what’s wrong.  It actually sends me nearly over the edge in fear.  Henry got very lethargic this evening.  First scary sign to me.  Henry just isn’t lethargic even when he’s sick.  He started talking in a whisper voice for the rest of the night which he never does.  After I gave him a bath (he got the chills), we decided to give him a breathing treatment.  I am not sure if I have blogged on Henry’s health issues.  He has severe eczema most likely linked to food allergies and has been showing signs of asthma according to his doctor.  We put him to bed in our bed after the treatment and his breathing was still very, very labored.  Like he was struggling to get oxygen.  Needless to say I would like to say I remained calm but internally I had multiple panic attacks.  Had thoughts of going to the emergency room.  I decided to give him another breathing treatment since the doctor gave me a lecture on the safeness of the breathing drug when I tried to refuse the treatment in the beginning.  Well, praise God for drugs and I really mean praise God.  There is nothing worse than seeing your child suffer.  Must be how God feels every second of the day with the stunts we pull – watching us suffer at our own hand.  Henry’s breathing recovered.  It’s been over an hour now and my blood pressure is just beginning to decrease.  Just imagine dealing with breathing issues 200 years ago.  I don’t want to.  I am very thankful for modern medicine even with all its issues. 

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