Sunday, January 2, 2011

Family Weekend

We went for a family hike in the woods this warm Maine winter weekend.  We didn’t bring the camera but had lots of fun.  I decided that, even though I am not a big fan of the cold, I prefer the woods in the winter.  So beautiful and no creepy creatures to freak you out when you least expect it.  Henry loved that Dave and I had a snowball fight.  He kept asking me to throw more.


We spent a lot of time in our bedroom watching movies as a family.  Henry stayed up pretty late every night.  Last night he cried until we allowed him to come back in the bedroom hoping he would sleep while we watched Charlotte Gray.

Charlotte Gray Poster

Henry kept almost falling asleep and then sitting up and talking.  I told him to, “Go to sleep now!”  Then he said, “Now!”  It was hard not to laugh, so he kept on saying it.


Increasingly difficult to get a clear photo of this constantly-on-the-move-bugger.


Loves the computer Larry and Cindy got him.



Dave made a few recipes from my new cookbooks.  Very good.

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