Thursday, October 11, 2012

Haley’s Not Staying

We have been SO torn about this because we are big dog people.  To say I feel terrible is an understatement.  I think Dave is just fed up.  Haley has to go back to the dog rescuer.  She hasn’t stopped going to the bathroom in the house since we got her.  And we let her out three times more than we did Maggie.  And we crate her at night (she has even pooped in her crate). She is such a friendly dog.  She just has so much energy and whines to be walked all day.  I don’t know if you have ever tried walking a high energy dog with a stroller and carrying a baby.  Not fun.  Not easy.  This whole thing is very sad.  Maggie was a ticket and naughty, she just was very careful around the kids.  Haley is not.  She came after the baby, so we can’t let our guard down even when holding the baby on the couch.  She may come leaping out of no where.  All of that adds up to sending her back.  We have struggled to keep her because we really like her and Henry loves her.  It’s just like having  a few more kids in the house. 

I just talked to the dog rescuer and she was nice.  She is going to pick Haley up in the morning.  Pray for our transition.

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