Saturday, October 20, 2012

Another Crowd Pleaser on My Hands

I am taking more photos with my phone recently because it’s easier to do quickly and then upload onto Facebook.

I had such a good time at the women’s seminar today at our church.  The main speaker Nancy Phelps is ALWAYs inspiring, spirit-filled and speaking God’s heart for the moment.  I even managed to get something out of it while taking care of my baby in the mother’s room.  God is faithful.  I love how she clearly communicated that God isn’t playing tricks on us or trying to manipulate us, everything He does is motivated by His deep love for us.  He is clear.  If it weren’t so, He would have told us.  I LOVED IT!  So good.

Hudson had fun.  I am a little distracted by my little man while trying to listen.  Who wouldn’t be? 

We chatted with my missionary friend and fellow Mainer Debbie Colby after the morning session and then headed down to get something to eat at the luncheon.  Hudson was all smiles and laughs for the ladies.  He literally ate it up!  I was so proud of him.

He’s sleeping beside me now. 

Henry stayed home with Memaw while Daddy was at work this morning.  He showed me how his “tractor” aka Buzz Light Year Mobile was hooked up to the wagon in the basement when I got home.  I am sure he had a blast with his grandmother because she does whatever he wants.  She is great.

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