Thursday, October 18, 2012

Noble Hill–My Aunt’s Book Just Published

My Aunt Lynne just had her first book published by Tate Publishing.  I am so proud of her and I can’t wait to read it.  I was named after her – Rachael Lynne. 

Click on this link to purchase.

Noble Hill

Noble Hill
by Lynne Fernands

The summer of twenty-six had pushed the thermometer past 90 degrees for the first ten days of July, wearing down those who abode inland, suffering because they lived a few miles away from the cooling breezes of the North Atlantic… There wouldn't be much time for fun this summer. Working all day in the hot sun was taking its toll.

Jethro and Mary Preston and their family of six live on an idyllic farm called Noble Hill. A spirited group, they move through their lives with selfishly devised methods and total disregard of others.

Jethro is raising his children to be winners and won’t accept anything less but he adapts his plan accordingly because he has a different vision for each of his children. His formidable personality pushes his youngest son, Charles, to fulfill his own dream but the youngest, Sadie, proves to be a handful, even for the awe inspiring Jethro. However, his choice for the middle child, Nathan, will put his son into a situation that seems impossible to win and constantly subjects the boy to unfair treatment.

Nate meets the abuse with unwavering dedication, barely flinching when his older siblings, John and Camille cruelly taunt and trick him. His parents appear to overlook his worth, relentlessly testing his determined nature, and as Nate’s life becomes more difficult, he tries to find solace in his relationship with his younger sister, Emma, who has been selected to accompany her brother in the daily labor on the farm. The devoted boy eventually realizes that if he is to survive, he must dig into the deep recesses of his soul to find the fortitude to prevail.

Follow Nathan and his siblings through the trials and tribulations of life on Noble Hill.

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