Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I am Still a Just a Mom

My blog is looking more like one of a ranting conservative but I am still just a mom. 

Being a mom is the biggest blessing in the world but it also has its challenges.  I can see how the cares of this world can paralyze one from participating in the littlest things in life.  Cares can become all consuming.  It is something that humbles me all of the time.  It is something that drives me to God on a daily basis.  It  want to enjoy the little things in life and not be held prisoner by my worries.

It is an absolute joy to watch Hudson advancing mentally, emotionally and physically.  He is moving around a lot.   He loves to be held, though, and I love holding him.  It doesn’t happen quite as much as it did with Henry which was all the time because having two makes that impossible.  I am a big advocate of attachment parenting and believe they are only little once so I want to hold them tight while I can.

I am a schedule person and I’m not a schedule person.  I think I do well with a schedule and then it becomes too restrictive so I rebel until there is so much chaos that I can’t take it and go back to a schedule.  Do you follow?  I am learning that Hudson seems to be more of a routine person than Henry.  Henry loves action, action, action.   Would love to go from one social event to the next.  Like his mom.  Until he crashes.  Like his mom.  Hudson is a pretty good short-term traveller.  He did great when we went to DC and when we do little day trips.  But I find when it comes to sleeping he likes things the same.  He likes the fan on (hello, Zac!) with other distractions off and he likes to be in our bed with me beside him.  Okay, so he’s COMPLETELY spoiled.  But I see the little patterns in his personality.  It’s very cute. 

Last night we attempted to sleep in the basement during the storm.  I slept with the two boys in the queen size bed in the bedroom down there and Dave slept in the basement common area where we have a TV and Henry’s toys.  Hudson moved continuously around the bed so I didn’t get much sleep because I was afraid he was going to fall off or get squished by Henry who also is a mover.  We, Hudson and I , didn’t get much sleep.

Tonight he was a little fussy and I knew he was tired.  I finally figured out he wanted to cuddle.  I totally melted my heart.  He is such a little lover.

So I spend my day navigating this new thing called being a mother of two.  And when the day is over I wonder where all the time went and what I got accomplished!!

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