Friday, June 15, 2012

Maggie the Bratty

So glad Dave has a day off from work today.  Last night we had a Maggie “incident” in the basement right after we went on a walk.  Dave so nicely cleaned it up.  This morning I fell back asleep for a few minutes before Henry came into our room.  Dave got up with him to be nice to me and discovered another massive “incident” in the office.  Needless to say we have candles burning and a rug outside.  This dog is getting out of control Winking smile.  Or maybe she’s just sick.  We are hoping for the latter because Dave is threatening to give her away.  I am fully trusting it’s a threat since she’s his baby girl.  Her attitude seems to be as bratty as ever, so it seems to be a fleeting illness.


Taken a few weeks ago.

Other than that my husband made breakfast and cleaned the kitchen this morning.  Have had so many sweet people text me.

Maybe trying a new project with contact paper that I found on Pinterest.

Been dreaming of eating thick crust pizza, greasy cheeseburgers and Chinese food.  But convincing myself that though this gluten/dairy free eating decision isn’t fun, I am doing imperfectly but with a purpose.  This pregnancy has not made it easy.  Especially the end.

Biggest news is there is no labor yet.

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