Friday, June 15, 2012

6 Days Until Due Date

Here we go, Hudson, here we go!  Maybe a little cheer will get him to come out!

Been up since the wee hours of the morning.  The cramping wakes me up.  But I am happily accepting it as part of the journey until the next phase begins.

Maybe today?  Praying.

On another subject, I am shocked how much Henry has grown over the last six months.  On his two year check up, his growth progress had declined significantly and the doctor was concerned.  That’s when I made the tough decision to take him to a naturopath and look into his diet.  It has not been an easy course, but a course I would willingly take over and over.  In fact, I would walk on broken glass and take the course if it meant the improvement in health I have seen with my little super star.  His growth alone is stunning.  He’s grown over 3 inches in no time (less than 6 months).  His skin is better than ever and his digestive system has remained on track since the change of his diet.  I am just praising God for this good report.  Even though I tend to get critical comments from people like I am bordering on being an abusive parent or into some fad for not letting him eat certain things, it’s all worth it and my conviction remains.  Anything for my little man.

Dave’s gaping wounds from poison ivy are healing, though they still look very nasty.  His cough has improved so much, he was able to sleep in our room for the first time in about two weeks.  Thank you to those who have prayed for him.


Green Leaf in Drought

Here is the most recent book I am reading.  It’s nothing like I expected.  In fact, I didn’t read the description carefully and was expecting it to be about Isobel Kuhn.  It is a great missionary story.  Different than all the rest I have read.  All about patience and faith in the fire – timely for all of us at any time.  A western missionary couple with a baby remained trapped in China after the missionary doors were closed under communism.  Talk about a trial.

I have slowed down on my Breaking Free workbook because the end is very intense and requires memorization and some scripture digging that I can’t wrap my brain around in this level of exhaustion.  It’s so good though.

Pilgrim's Progress

Another book I have started but will probably wait until I finish the missionary story.  I picked this book up to read between 10 – 15 years ago during Bible College and never got into it.  Since then it’s been on my list to read.  Definitely not my favorite writing style (allegorical), this classic is worth getting over that!

So today’s the day!  Right, God?  Please?

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