Thursday, June 7, 2012

14 Days Until Due Date 38 Weeks Pregnant

Wow!  14 days until due date.  Nothing like the mystery of when one will go into labor. 

Yesterday’s doctor appointment:

Thankfully Dave took a personal day because he hasn’t been feeling well this week and I was able to leave Henry home with him.  The waiting room was VERY crowded and the air was as still and stagnant as a farm pond in the middle of August.  At one point I had the sudden fear I was going to pass out and went up to the receptionist to ask how long I had so I could go outside and get some fresh air (on fifth floor of a hospital building).  She told me she would check the wait time and, when I sat back down, I learned the rest of the waiting room was on the verge of passing out.  Everyone started talking about once I brought it up.  I was relieved that I wasn’t just having an end of pregnancy moment. 

The wait still lingered and then the appointment was quick.  No new news.  The baby will come when the baby will come.  My doctor was nice as always and told me she had two natural childbirths not by choice but because her back can’t receive epidurals even though they tried multiple times. 


My symptoms remain the same – crampy and some Braxton Hicks contractions (I think).  I am cozying up with them, not as a sign of soon to be labor but as my constant companion for the next however many days.  They really aren’t bad at all.  I think I was letting them get me excited that the time was very soon and now I have shifted my thoughts to 14 days is soon enough if it takes that long.  Now don’t ask me if I go two weeks over.  I think I’ll asked to be induced!!!


Still trucking


Wow!  Doing poorly with eating tons of sugar!  Bad.  Very bad!

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