Wednesday, June 6, 2012

15 Days Until Due Date

2 Weeks and 1 Day until Due Date.

Wake up time: 4:30 (feeling like my parents with the springing up before dawn).

Symptoms: Strong Menstrual like cramping – I think this woke me up.

Next Dr.’s Appointment: Today

Body changes:  My stomach has definitely dropped.  My breathing is not so labored and I don’t feel like my stomach muscles are getting severed by my rib cage when sitting down anymore.


Here’s my little imagination station.  In case I haven’t mentioned this, every single day he BEGS to go to the farm.  And, usually, he throws a  fit when we have to leave.  He loves the farm.  LOVES.  Loves the animals, running outside, pretending, eating Stacey’s food, and having Stacey wait on him.  Which she totally does.  What a treasure for a special little boy.


He and Gladys were the “chicks” in this “chicken coop”.  Then Stacey got him real chicks from the barn so he could be the farmer.




I woke up this morning after a very vivid dream thinking, what about doctrine?  What about the Word of God?  1 Cor 13 talks about everything meaning nothing without love.  Not human love based on the object’s performance, but God’s love which is unconditional.  My thoughts were swirling with all of the things we/people want to give to our children.  An inheritance of memories, fun, ideas, time, love etc.  God keeps bringing back Matthew 6:33 (think the right verse) with all my thoughts – “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.”  I can’t remember the chapter and verse in Exodus or Numbers about the visiting the sins of the father on the third or fourth generation but one can stand in truth and have a blessing on a thousand generations.  Wow!  Living captive to addiction, unforgiveness, resentment, bitterness, pride – even if we go to church and live in what we think is a measure of Christianity, we are sending a much stronger inheritance than a thirty minute board game or trip to Disney World to our kids.  I want to tear down the lies where the devil has tricked us into a self inflicting prison cell.  Replace them with truth about God’s love for me and living a whole life in God’s love for others in the new man.  What an inheritance THAT is to pass to my children.  Tear down the idols, tear down the strongholds.  And anything that exalts itself above the knowledge of God – resentment, bitterness, a self-focused world, pride, anger and the list goes on.

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