Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Grateful… tired

I am so incredibly grateful to God for our beautiful baby and what a miracle Hudson is.  I am so incredibly grateful for my helpful, energetic and smart three year old.  I am so incredibly grateful for a husband who is able to be home and has been working so hard here to help and take care of all of us and loving every second of it.  God has truly blessed us.

How is Hudson adjusting? – he’s a perfect newborn.  Eating, sleeping, pooping, peeing, snuggling and just being his most adorable self.  All of those things bring me to my knees in gratitude – seriously.

How am I adjusting?  Exhausting wouldn’t describe the level of tiredness after his birth, hospital stay and first few days home.  On Monday I started to feel a level of normalcy and then totally over did it.  Being the type that doesn’t want to sit around, I tend to push the envelop.  But I am really trying to pace myself. 

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