Monday, June 4, 2012

17 Days Until Due Date

17 Days Until Due Date.

Yesterday was an extreme day.  If ever there were a day that I thought I would be in labor within 24 hours, it was yesterday.  I was extremely crampy, having false labor and the exhaustion hit a new meaning.  Thankfully, I had people praying and church was a huge build up.  By early evening I felt like a new person!  I really appreciate all the prayers at the end of this pregnancy.  It’s quite different having an all consuming three year old running around. 

Dave is still sick.  He was so kind yesterday – he made me lunch and waited on me for a couple of hours until I could come out of my conscious coma. 

Henry is the cutest thing on earth.  I look at him all the time and wonder how God blessed me with such an amazing child.  So handsome and so smart. 

Heartburn is back with a vengeance.

I am loving the Beth Moore Breaking Free Workbook.  I read the book a few years ago and now am nearing the end if the workbook.  I love her illustrations of  bowing our thoughts to truth, tearing down high places and taking every thought captive.  So powerful.

The message last night at church was so powerful as well.  2 Samuel 6 – when David wanted the Ark in Jerusalem.  He built his own cart/program for God.  Wow, can’t we all do that.  Try to fit an all consuming, Holy and all powerful God into our little plans.  That’s when we become discouraged when they don’t work out.  Our plans/ programs become idolatry, high places in our lives and we can even worship them above God.  I have been there and could be there again in the next second.  God has something so much bigger!  Duet. 33:29 (I think), He wants to kick out our enemies and exalt us in Him.  He just wants our hearts, our lives.  Galatians 2:20 – exchanging our life for His and we gain.  What an incredible exchange.  To have Almighty God for us.  Even when we fail.  We can’t lose when living in the new life, the new man.  I am so blown away by it and blown away the pride that can take over my own heart thinking that I could do it better than God.  That I am giving God a chance.  Wow.  Praise Him that He knows we are but dust.

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