Saturday, June 2, 2012

19 Days Until Due Date

Hmmm.  The end of this pregnancy is so different mentally than the last.  There are two sides to the argument (in my head) and eventually (very soon) one will win.  Last night the discomfort the accompanies the end of pregnancy along with exhaustion, had me worried (too strong of a word) that this could potentially last at least 4 more weeks if I go over my due date.  Then the greater part of me knows to enjoy the last few nights of sleep that might be interrupted by discomfort or going to the bathroom, but not the fulltime flurry of activity that comes with a new born.  I know I will be overtaken with the euphoria of a new baby even if I am so tired.  And am SO thankful that Dave will be home for a bunch of weeks to help with Henry.  Though I am sure Dave will have his own adjustment.  So, overall, the back and forth in my head doesn’t matter.  The baby will come when the baby will come.  I guess I am more ready than before. 

Photo: Look what I picked in my veggie garden today... hip, hip hurray!!! 

Last night we ate first fruits from Stacey’s garden.  They were so good.  So good.


Yesterday Henry got to help Johnny with the bucket loader on the farm and we flew his kite he got for his 3rd birthday.  The weather was great.  Windy and only in the 70’s.  Then the weather turned severe last night.  Today the weather is dry and not so hot.  Feels great!

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