Wednesday, June 13, 2012

8 Days Until Due Date

Looks like the doctor’s appointment is going to happen today. 

Woke up this morning with some pretty swollen hands.  I remember them at the end with Henry.  Not a pretty sight.  I ate a lot of salt last night too.

I wish I could say that 8 days seems close.  It doesn’t.  It’s so weird how things seem to slow down at the end of pregnancy.  And then my cousin who just moved to Maryland with his family was at Stacey’s last night and said that his mother was 4 weeks late.  Come on!  I.can’t.even.imagine. 

The household is still sleeping.  Henry had a busy night playing in the rain with his cousins on the farm.  And Dave was put on meds for his poison ivy and cough.  Thankful they are getting rest.

Max, Henry, Serendipity.

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