Tuesday, June 5, 2012

16 Days Until Due Date

2 Weeks, 2 Days Until Due Date.

Wow!  So close, yet so far a way Winking smile.  Seriously, I am feeling better about the home stretch.  16 days is very close.  Thanking those who are praying because it must be giving me energy to get through the day.  Or maybe it’s the chocolate Winking smile.


I have had sweet people call and text to check on me and ask to watch Henry so I can rest AND offer to clean my house!  How sweet is that?   I think the nicest thing about it is to know that others remember how tiring the last few weeks of pregnancy can be.


So encouraged by the Word of God and that the Creator of the Universe, the Creator of us and the Creator of our children is a loving, compassionate, personal God.  What a privilege to submit ourselves to Him.

Getting Ready: 

This past weekend I picked out some clothes for the little guy to bring to the hospital.

Yesterday I washed some of Henry’s baby blankets to bring as well.

I am also keeping tight reins on the laundry.  Sometimes I wash and dry it and put it in a basket and don’t fold it for a few days.  Trying to limit the build up so I can be ready to pack my own bags.

I also finished another piece of furniture in our bedroom and Dave helped assemble a frame and hung a piece of rustic art.  We are one step closer to finishing our bedroom.  This will seriously be the first time EVER!  Usually we sell our house before we get this far.  But, of course, we have really have done very little to this house so far!  That’s another trait of ours.  Do it all the last minute and then sell it!

My child has a crazy imagination.  The other day he told me he was Dave, made me call him Dave and called me Rachael.  He was also dressed in Dave’s clothes.  Yesterday he did the same thing.  Often he’ll say to Dave or me – “You be the farmer.  I’ll be the cow.”  Or the horse or you be Stacey and I’ll be Johnny.  If we are outside, which we were yesterday while I was refinishing a dresser, he always has to cut the hay or the corn maze (which is my garden).  Thank God it’s a hardy perennial garden mostly with some tough ground cover because it takes a beating.  I always have to stop what I am doing and help pick up eggs.  I pretend the chickens are being naughty while I’m doing it and Henry laughs his head off.  This kid is a character.  Yesterday when we were in Home Depot picking up knobs for the dresser he was telling everyone to have a good night.  I told him it was day so then he told every customer he saw to have a good day.  

Ps – the birds are SO loud they are waking me up at 5:30 every morning!  What the heck! 

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