Sunday, June 17, 2012

4 More Days Until Due Date & Happy Father’s Day

I woke up this morning with serious amnesia.  Couldn’t remember how many days until due date.  But only God knows when baby Hudson will appear.

When he does, he has a wonderful father that God has given him.


I am so thankful for the fantastic, loving, caring, involved and hands on father my husband is.  We truly are blessed by his life.

He’s sensitive, affectionate and loves his little boy with all his heart.  And he makes me a better mother because he appreciates the mom that I am.

It is a privilege to be on this parenting journey with someone I can be one with.  A man who loves God and loves his family.  Works hard and is a great example.

It melts my heart.

Happy Father’s Day, David, my best friend, my husband and a wonderful father.

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