Saturday, August 25, 2012

This Little Light of Mine

Henry is such a light wherever he goes.  He’s always talking to people and asking them questions.  He’s a real lover of people and such an encourager.  He’s also very observant about his environment.  He notices little details everywhere.  He found the tiniest horse painted on the wall at the Gluten-free bakery yesterday.  He’ll see the tiniest plane in the sky or notice how beautiful a flower garden is.  It is such a pleasure to see the world through his eyes.  In this way he reminds me of my grandmother Charlotte.  Ever the romantic. 

This morning we were spending time together as daddy and baby brother were sleeping.  Henry told me he couldn’t go to Hungary alone.  I guess Hungary is still on his mind!  Then he told me he needed to put his clothes on so he could go.  I also love how he is always up for the next adventure. 

He is definitely a complex little creature.  He loves to be home but loves to go.  He is very attached to our little family but easily makes friends with everyone he meets (mostly adults).  He is all boy in that he loves to be rough, loves trucks, construction but he is the most loving, tender person I know. 

He’s my little light.  I love to see him shine.

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