Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Loved the Message at Church Tonight

The other day I had a great talk with my friend Jessica whom I miss and love dearly.  It’s truly miraculous how God confirms what He is speaking to me every time I talk to her.  God has been speaking to both of us about our kids being our mission field.  We also got talking about the Holy Spirit how encouraging He is even when He corrects us. 
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So Pastor Love’s message tonight was also incredibly encouraging.  We try to throw in the towel and God throws it back.  God doesn’t deal with us according to our sins or iniquity in Psalm 103:10.  It’s all under the blood.  How can we remember what God forgets.  So good. 
I am also reading Watchman Nee’s Abraham, Isaac and Jacob book again.  I picked up that book the other night and it was like a healing balm to my soul.  Abraham had to keep getting his call repeated by God.  God doesn’t forget!  Thank you, God!  Praise You, Jesus. 
Such encouragement for the weak (me) and praise God His strength is made perfect in our weakness!  Last nights message link.

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