Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Storage Wars

Confession:  I want to be storage locker addict!  I love the show storage wars!  It’s becoming somewhat of an obsession!

Maybe it’s the Yankee in me that loves to find treasure in trash.  Here’s my favorite storage locker addict Barry on Storage Wars.  He’s addicted to finding something cool in a heap of trash.  Man if I started doing this, there’d be no stopping me.  Good thing I am not very mobile right now!

Another confession:  A knife jabs into my heart Henry goes through our family names (something he does often) and he still adds Maggie in.  He talks about her all the time.  She was really a special dog.  Dave and I were laughing at how smart she was.  She could communicate with her eyes and we knew what she was talking about.  We really do miss our larger than life beast.

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