Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hudson–7 Weeks & More

Photo to come!

Everyone is still fast asleep including my little 7 week old who just finally went back to sleep so I can get some cleaning done.

More and more of Hudson’s personality is showing.  I was getting concerned he would be a grump because, for a few weeks there, he was not a happy camper when awake some of the time.  Now we are seeing more and more smiling and contentment as he is awake for longer periods of time. 

He is a very, very strong baby.  He can move himself quite a distance in the bed by pushing his feet.  He has been able to control his head very well almost since birth.  We will see as time progresses, but he seems like he might be my little bruiser.  He seems less sensitive than Henry and more of a fighter than a lover.  Henry is definitely a lover.  Although we don’t call Henry Hank, in my mind they are “Hank” and “The Tank”. 

Hudson does want to be held all of the time.  I foster that environment.  I never put Henry down.  It’s a little more difficult to never put Hudson down, but he is held most of the time.  And he demands it. 

He is awake right now, so it’s a matter of minutes before I go get him.


Henry the neighborhood ambassador.  For real.  Anyone out on the porch or walking by when we do our neighborhood walks, Henry makes friends with them instantly.  Even demands friendship.  Last night he asked our neighbors if they had animals, what they were doing tomorrow and told them about Maggie.  The next people he told Maggie was going to heaven.  When we were in TMobile yesterday, he ran up and gave a little girl a hug.  His affection for strangers definitely needs to be reined in but I definitely want to foster his obvious strengths with people.


Dave and I are doing are best to operate our household with joy and normalcy under the cloud of sadness of losing our dog.  I guess it’s probably the pressure and guilt of whether we are making the right decisions in the right timing.

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