Thursday, August 2, 2012

Maggie ♥

I have had a gut feeling Maggie has had a severe underlying issue to her health issues over the past year or so.  I am not sure why the previous vet didn’t ever do blood work when she stayed overnight in the hospital.  Maybe it was God’s plan to let us enjoy this last year with her not knowing her health was rapidly declining and gave us more time before putting her down. 

My last appointment the vet that saw her because my normal vet was on vacation was impatient and acted like I was imagining issues with Maggie.  She was severely overweight and now has rapidly been losing weight with a loss of appetite and a lot of trouble just getting around.  To sum it up, the poor dog is miserable. 

She does not have Lyme’s disease.  She does have diabetes and her blood sugar was very high without even eating.  The trouble is the vet is almost certain her diabetes is secondary because she has elevated liver numbers and pancreatic numbers.  Treating diabetes is expensive with not very long life expectancy.  We can’t even treat her diabetes without knowing the underlying disease which could be a liver tumor, Cushings etc.  Those things really can’t be treated with Diabetes.  So pretty much we are looking at a no win situation.  We could learn more about our no win by spending at least another $600.   We are not going to.

The vet recommended the humane thing for Maggie, if we don’t spend all the money and see if we can even treat anything, is to put her down.

I have been preparing myself with prayer for this very scenario because I was pretty much thinking we might come to this soon.  I know she is just a dog, but we love her.  My heart breaks for Henry the most. 

I am thankful for our time with her and grateful to face this than many other things.  So I put it all into perspective.  Dave always says it’s the nature of owning a pet.  He is right.

We will say goodbye to our dear Maggie very soon.  She has been a naughty, needy but very loved dog. 

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