Saturday, August 11, 2012

Maggie’s in Heaven

[Beech Hill 057[3].jpg]

We have been telling Henry that Maggie is going to Heaven over the last week or so.  Today he asked where daddy was going and I told him to take Maggie to Heaven.  He asked his dad if God was going to pick Maggie up in His truck.  Then when Henry, Hudson and I were on a ride, Henry asked where Heaven was.  I told him in the sky.  Dave had previously told him that Maggie was going to have her own farm in heaven with a barn and farm animals and Henry really loved that and has been telling everyone.  Today he told me that Maggie was going to be sleeping next to the barn and the corn maze in heaven.  So cute.  He just asked his dad again if Maggie was going to wake up tomorrow in heaven.  He’s really thinking this stuff over.

I am so thankful for Dave.  It’s been a hard day for both of us but WAY harder for him.  The vet told him we were doing the right thing which made him feel better.  It will just be an adjustment not having our beast around the house.

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B.J. Crouse-Peres said...

he was a great dog. i will always remember her lapping me at your house on sunday mornings...remember how spastic she'd get when i sat in her chair! remember how dave would have to protect me from her in your entry way? you were blessed to have had her. love you guys, b.j.