Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dia-ionx Day 1

In my previous post I mentioned that we had scheduled to put our dog down on Wednesday, August 8 after a diagnosis of  diabetes as a possible secondary disease.  We do not know what the secondary disease is and if for sure she has it.  The vet is quite certain and does not recommend treatment of the diabetes until we get an ultra sound, and the diseases he thinks she might have cannot be treated especially with diabetes.  We were unwilling to pay the extra hundreds of dollars for a diagnosis with such a grim speculation.  In the 11 hour or maybe 11 hour and 59th minute, we have decided to try a natural remedy for diabetes we found on line.   We are not putting a lot of hope in this.  Just making a last ditch effort to save a dog we love who is not very old.  She gave us hope on Tuesday when she got up to bark at Dave’s mom and seemed more active and had an appetite for a few hours. 

She did eat some treats that Dave gave her yesterday but she vomited them up in the night.  She was more active and her movement was better the past few days.  Turns out that diabetes can cause limb weakness and that may have been her limping problem all along. 

She hasn’t eaten in about 24 hours and the future doesn’t look bright for our Maggie.  She even seems worse since we gave her two doses of the Dia-ionx for a dog in crisis mode.  The instructions state that a dog may need to detox.  We are leaning towards the symptoms being a dying dog verses detox but a sliver of hope remains.  She has been less mobile, her eyes seem very bad etc. etc. . 

The good news is she did have a very good bowel movement – 2 of them – this morning before we received the remedy.  Constipation is another symptom/ side affect of diabetes.

We cannot control the issues of life.  We are thankful to God for the time we have had with her and have a measure of guilt for not attempting something for a hound that has been an excellent (though naughty) dog for us.

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