Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Postponed - Maggie

We had an appointment today to put Maggie down.  Last night at around 10 or 11, Dave and I decided to try a natural remedy before putting her down.  It’s the 11th hour and maybe we are going down the wrong road.  Very possible.  We will soon find out. 

Maggie is eating very little but seemed to be moving around more last night and this morning.  She is still losing weight and showing all the signs of diabetes and most likely something else taking her life.  It’s been a struggle, to say the least, watching her die and knowing we couldn’t do anything to help.  Just to find out IF we can help would cost us several hundred if not a thousand dollars.  If by some slim chance she only had diabetes, it is also very difficult to treat and a huge commitment of time and money.  Something we do not want to do. 

Last night, as a last ditch effort, I did an internet search on natural remedies for diabetes.  It’s some sort of liquid supplement.  If it doesn’t help, it’s a very inexpensive try to help her and we will know at least we tried.  If it does help, we will know that maybe she only had diabetes all along.  We will see.  It’s not long before she would die on her own anyway.

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