Saturday, September 17, 2011

Office Vision


Here are some elements I am attempting to pull into our office, though it is taking me forever.  Most of them are things we already have that I will be repainting or reupholstering (thanks to the help of my mother in-law Linda).  Yay for gifted in-laws and I have some!!  So the fabric over the settee will actually be the fabric shown below (I think).  I moved away from blues for a while… well not really.  I have always had it as a minor accent color.  I have a farm table in the basement in major disrepair.  I am not sure what it will look like, but I want it as a desk.  Our office chair I might paint bright red.  Our dining room chandelier might get painted white and moved to the office to replace the 1970’s ceiling fan.  I will be making curtains out of the fabric in the upper left.  Hopefully we will see all of this come together I the next few weeks.

Waverly Solar Flair Lime/Indigo

saw this on Pinterest via my friend Jessica and liked it.

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