Monday, September 19, 2011

Little Man is Big Man on the Farm

On Friday afternoon my little guy and I went to the farm to help my aunt decorate for the opening of her corn maze.

During a necessary diaper change in the way back of my car, Henry noticed a car full of young girls had pulled in.  He was quite disturbed that I had otherwise occupied him upon their arrival.  After all, he is the tour guide at the farm.  As soon as I finished putting on his pants, he raced down to make instant friends with the crowd and show them around.  As you can see in the photo.  I was up the hill and around the corner working but of course checking on him every five seconds.  I was able to quickly get my camera and get a few shots of the crazy little guy in action.

Here he is holding hands with one of the seven sisters.  All of them didn’t come that day.  I tried to catch him holding hands with the mom a moment earlier but missed the shot.

Oh yah, I’m cool.  I’m working this crowd.  I’ve got them wrapped around my finger.


Henry didn’t want to miss out on his opportunity to decorate.  This was the display he built on his tractor.  Not bad!  Actually quite nice.


Here he is surveying and rearranging.



The corn maze open yesterday, so today my friends Amy and Beth and their kids and a couple of the their kids’ friends joined Henry and me at the farm.  Amy’s daughter is pictured above running with glee through the field towards the maze.  Her middle son is in front with the green shirt and Henry is to the far right under her hand.

Here they are looking at the baby piglets.


For some reason I focused in on the valley rather than Emma.  But here she is on the horse.  This little girl is DYING to have her eighth birthday party on the farm.


Ethan and Amy looking at Wilbur the pig.


Getting a little nervous about the horse twitching.


The guy in the lion suit behind the kid on the horse deserves the son in-law of the year award.  He’s Mrs. Myriah Mae’s husband and has dedicated his weekends to be the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz theme of the maze.  He is standing with his parents who were so cute to come see their son all dressed up.


Here we are (part of our group) finding clues and answering questions in the maze.


Sitting on the tractor.


Eating ice cream from the local creamery.


If this doesn’t say big man on campus, I don’t know what does.


He was on his way to show Emma the baby turkeys but first had to jump up on the tractor to show off to Emma.



The baby turkeys aren’t so small anymore.


Henry is throwing up hay in the background.  Ethan is just going with the flow.



Here is Henry rolling down the hill.  We were about to go in the maze for the second time.  Henry ran up to the egg shop and hid on me.  He scared me half to death but was also making it clear he had his own agenda entertaining folks at the farm and I need not interfere. 



Lulu on the right is my friend Beth’s daughter.  Henry talks about her ALL the time.




The beautiful Mika trying to be cool.


But can’t quite handle the twitching of the horse.



Beth, please get on the horse.  No way.  I hate horses.  Please?!?!?  No, I’m never getting on the horse.  We really want a good laugh, so please just get on the horse.  No.